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Guy Hatchard
Guy Hatchardhttps://hatchardreport.com/
Guy Hatchard PhD is a statistician and former senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food safety testing and certification laboratory. Guy's book 'Your DNA Diet' is available on Amazon.com.

Guy Hatchard: Open Letter to Hon Andrew Little, NZ Health Minister


Andrew Little news

Dear Minister,

You have just assumed centralised control of our health service, at a time when a survey of more than 900 doctors has just found that the health workforce is at risk of “catastrophic collapse”. Last week it was reported that all cause mortality is at its highest level ever. You responded yesterday that “I’m satisfied that we now have the means to get on top of the issues.” What means are you planning to adopt?

For the past two and a half years of the pandemic, the government has faithfully followed the advice of a number of acknowledged health experts. The essence of this advice has been and continues to be that Pfizer mRNA Covid vaccination will be the safe and effective way to control the pandemic and ease any pressure on the health service. Accordingly, the government has used all the means at its disposal including saturation advertising, control of media content, and coercive mandates to encourage vaccination. As a result, we are among the most Covid vaccinated nations in the world.

By now you must be fully aware that the expected result has not materialised. Pfizer mRNA vaccination has been neither effective nor safe. It does not stop transmission or reinfection. Last week the government tacitly acknowledged problems with its strategy when the Covid Response Minister Dr. Ayesha Verrall announced that health sector staff under 30 years old will not be required to take another booster because it would put them at significant and increasing risk of serious adverse health effects.

This does not go far enough. It is very incongruous that despite the MoH recognition that under thirties health workers are at serious risk of vaccine side effects sufficient to cancel mandates for this age group, the government is still paying for saturation advertising advising vaccination and boosters for younger age groups without any warning of risks. It is even offering financial incentives.

You are no doubt aware that a large number of studies conducted and published overseas are pointing to serious problems with mRNA vaccination. These include immune deficiency, aggressive cancers, neurological conditions, respiratory illness, cardiac incidents, and stroke. There has been an increase in sudden unexplained deaths that has affected not just the elderly but also working age people. A number of countries are reporting significantly reduced birth rates.

From the outset in New Zealand and elsewhere among the medical profession, there was an entrenched expectation of vaccine safety. Myocarditis for example, when cases first surfaced, was assumed to occur at a very low rate and to be mild and short-lived. Late last year Dr. Astrid Koornneef wrote to me on behalf of Dr Ashley Bloomfield estimating that the mRNA vaccine caused a slightly elevated risk of myocarditis as low as 3 in 100,000. Due to underreporting, along with an unwillingness on the part of GPs and hospital staff to recognise or acknowledge the classic myocarditis symptomatology among vaccine recipients, this has proved to be a huge under-estimate.

A direct user survey of a cross-section of America done by a professional polling firm (with a 4% nominal margin of error) shows a 3.7% rate of myocarditis among those Americans who took the vaccine who responded to the survey. This number is consistent with earlier runs of the survey with different respondents. It is 500 times higher than the CDC numbers. A paper published in Nature shows rates of myocarditis post vaccine that can be up to 140 times higher than the prior background rate. That is not a “slightly elevated risk.

Therefore it should be apparent to you that it is necessary as a priority to have a clear picture of exactly what conditions are causing our health service to become overloaded. We hope that this is one investigation you are planning to initiate.

You must be wondering: How did it come about that the government was so misinformed?

The government placed a great deal of trust in information supplied by Pfizer. As you must be aware, their assessment of the results of vaccine trials has been widely called into question in scientific literature. As an experienced trade unionist and lawyer, you will know that some pharmaceutical corporations can be great self-promoters who place emphasis on the profit motive over public safety.

mRNA vaccination is using novel biotechnology ultimately derived from experimental gene therapy, which was already known to have safety issues. Yet the use of the term ‘vaccination’ was no doubt very reassuring for our doctors, government officials, and the public. Was this justified?

Vaccination is a time-honoured article of faith within the medical profession. It was in 2019 almost unthinkable among NZ medical professionals that any vaccine could be unsafe. The completion of universal vaccination strategies develops an almost ritualistic affirming satisfaction among doctors and nurses. In this case, the outcome proved very disappointing, if not alarming. Reported adverse effects have run at 50 times higher than traditional vaccines. Yet the health service has found it very hard to give up their faith in the power of the word ‘vaccine’. It is time for the government to reconsider the advice they have received to date.

It is also clear from your own Ministry of Health data that gradually the unvaccinated are becoming less and less vulnerable to Covid infection, hospitalisation, and death. These figures are very stark. We have reported and referenced them extensively here at the Hatchard Report along with many of the issues raised above. It is consequently time to withdraw restrictions on the employment of unvaccinated health staff, they are not a risk to the health service. Moreover many others among our workforce are still affected by unnecessary and counterproductive vaccine mandates in the private and public sectors.

It is also apparent that the government’s pandemic advertising and vaccine promotion strategy has not kept up with the published scientific information. During the last few weeks, television and media advertising has switched messaging to suggest quite incorrectly that mRNA and flu vaccines offer protection for life that is superior to natural immunity. This disconnect between scientific fact and public messaging is to say the least alarming.

The public must be increasingly aware that despite vaccination Covid reinfection is a growing problem, that mRNA vaccination adverse effects can be serious, and that the flu vaccine offers very weak protection, as low as 19% according to some overseas sources.

Can you please reassess how government Covid advertising copy and messaging is produced and vetted?

The public Covid education and advertising programmes of the government have been so extensive, that a number of misapprehensions have taken hold of the public psyche.

Reversing these may be an embarrassment for the government, but it is a vital matter of public health and trust. The pandemic and our pandemic response has been a collective disaster, one that the machinery of government, the health service, and the whole population needs to face squarely with the emphasis on recovery and reconciliation.

Even within the WHO organisation there is reportedly increasing private recognition that a biotech laboratory ‘accidental release’ of an experimental pathogen was at the root of the global spread of Covid. New Zealand is not alone in failing to recognise the implications of this. Genetic sequences are far more mobile and invasive than was initially realised. It is now time to reassess the safety and desirability of much global biotech research, including gene editing designed to produce sequences which influence the functioning of our immune system.

I know there are many highly qualified professionals whose precautionary advice may have been overlooked so far by the government. Now is the time to reassess how widely and how cautiously new health technology is adopted. For hundreds of years, advances in hygiene, nutrition, and lifestyle have served public health very well. Rapid changes in modern diet, behaviour, and medicine have placed our longstanding gains of longevity at risk.

At the Hatchard Report, we hope that our health service, newly reorganised under your direct supervision, will take the initiative to investigate the root causes of the current pressures in the health service and adjust policies and interventions appropriately.

We wish to reiterate in conclusion that it is very necessary and critical to seek clear and unequivocal data concerning the prevalence of the specific conditions which are overloading hospitals and GPs. No consistent causal analysis is possible without this information. This data should be freely available to a wider range of independent competent analysts and researchers so that you may receive better advice.

There is sufficient reliable evidence already published to pause our current vaccination strategy and promotion and consider our options. The health of the nation is at stake.

Yours sincerely,
Guy Hatchard PhD

Guy Hatchard PhD was formerly a senior manager at Genetic ID a food testing and certification company (now known as FoodChain ID). Website: HatchardReport.com.

Guy is the author of ‘Your DNA Diet: Leveraging the Power of Consciousness To Heal Ourselves and Our World. An Ayurvedic Blueprint For Health and Wellness’.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of DTNZ.

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  1. What’s the odds or arrogant Andrew reading this? Is it even possible that he doesn’t already know this? I think not! So this beggars the question, why no change? Is it as simple as he is getting paid off? My struggle to make sense of this whole mess continues…

  2. This letter can only set as an evidence for later investigation when Labour is thrown out in the next election.

    Andrew Little will pass on to his paper shuuflers and a standard reply will be given (Jab is safe and effective and we followed the science). Andrew has no guts to stand for the right thing and remember he “chickened” out and passed on the labour leadership to Jabcinda agreeing to be a poodle subagent to the Globalists. His constipation suffering look reveals his inner malfunctioning of his body and mind.

    • No

      I even saw them claiming the jab he been approved for this age group and younger. It hasn’t EVER been approved. It’s still under emergency use authorisation. The trial for the covid jab doesn’t end until May 2023 and that’s from the NIH government website. A drug/therapy cannot be approved while it is still in trial.

      It’s a bit like the trial going on at the moment in Nee Zealand and Australia to see if the flu jab can be given at the same time as the covid jab. Do all these people in New Zealand lining up for their flu jabs know that it’s safe to take with or in close succession to the covid jab? I hope so because otherwise that’s not informed consent is it? Do they know they are in the trial?

  3. Andrew Little. You and your mates have caused the catastrophic collapse of the health system. You are very well aware those vaccines made no difference to people catching the Covid flu. You are equally aware the vaccine has caused the sudden deaths of so many, the early cancers and other medical problems of countless others. It is all on you Andrew Little. In about a year and few months there is going to be an enquiry ordered. Your staff are going to testify against you Andrew.

    The protesters, knowing their families were very sick from those jabs, some already dead, camped on your doorstep. All you did Andrew was hose them and their children down, play loud music to them. When that didn’t work, you bashed, smashed and burned their belongings.

    • Yes they can run but they can’t hide.

      The gaslighting and ignoring of jab injured people was/is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen from this Govt and the way the medical community has stood by and watched and stayed silent is right up there too.


  4. He’s right by calling this new experimental technology a vaccine people trusted it as safe because the biggest taboo on the planet is revealing vaccine death and harm …they invented SIDS to hide babies deaths by vaccines ….we didn’t listen and now they created SADS …look at the hate directed at all who made the movie vaxxed …even the parents of vaccine injured kids were called liars by credible kiwi doctors …the whole hype and mythology of vaccines have blinded people to their dangers to their harms and by calling these gene editing GMO technology a vaccine was a cunning planned deception to trick people into thinking it safe …..they think these things are because to speak the truth about them as we know would see people loose their jobs and reputations …..so the lie continues to kill and to maim

    • Yes I am sorry I ever bought all their lies. Even more sorry I had my kids vaccinated against anything.


  5. Great letter! I would not have been half that polite.
    To date the govt has ignored who knows how many letters detailing scientific,
    personal and statistical facts from a huge variety of private and public sources and
    even government departments!
    All is being done to us on purpose, they won’t allow anything to interrupt their agenda.
    They continue the push to poison, maim and kil with these jabs, as many as possible while they still can,
    they don’t care and keep buying borrowed time.
    Every day that passes they stab the poison into more and more victims.
    Jabsinister Arderr continues to promote it.
    White crosses at the parliament protest stood for dead relatives and firiends and they
    tore them down like those people meant nothing at all.
    For every person whose vaxxine adverse effects were recorded, there are scores that are not,
    report rate is as low as one percent.!
    Personally I know of many sick or dead from these jabs and none of them have been recorded at all or properly,
    autopsies refused, lies told.
    They have done everything they could to slow the truth from getting out and to cover it up
    to this extent, they knew from the start, anyone else would have reacted to so many warnings
    and looked into things carefully.
    Deliberate genocide carried out by NZers vaxxing and enforing mandates on their own people.
    Yes worse than the Nazi era and worldwide this time.

  6. I saw a video of Ardern and other leaders referring to the “rules based world order “ so it’s looking like that’s the global term that they are using at the moment. Enlighten us Ardern what exactly is the rules based world order and how will it affect the people of nz. You said… now explain it!!!!!!!

    • Rules based order simply means the world order imposed by the Global elites in the form of US hegemony.

      There is a UN charter which lays basic principles on international relationships etc. If somethoing that violates the basic UN charter agreed by nations, the NWO agents started calling it as “liberal world order” or “rule-based world order” without telling who puts the rules in the first place. Agent Jacinda is simply repeating the phrase which she is told to propagandise.

      Under the UN Charter, no country can interfere in other country’s internal affairs. US does this all the time by engaging in wars, using NGOs to start “colour” revolutions, install their agents and puppets in various countries, use media mercenaries of the Corporate media, Control financial systems manipulating their reserve currency etc.

      In case Ukaraine, US organised a coup in 2014, and installed a puppet regime, trained neonazis, created Zelensky Oligarch, killed over 14000 russians in the eastern Ukraine, and enaged in all sorts of hybrid proxy war with russia since 2014, betrayed UN principles disregarding both the Minsk agreements signed. The Ultimate Scum (US) indeed.

      Agents Jacinda and Luxcum are for the American hegemony aka “rules-based order” which is in clear violation of the UN charter.

  7. Great letter Guy!

    Our irrational government need to recognise that they have made a catastrophic public health policy blunder and reverse course immediately.

    It’s now beyond obvious now that these C-19 MRNA ‘vaccines’ are neither safe nor effective. The ‘Pfizer FOIA release documents’ clearly show that the clinical trials were fraudulent in the extreme.

    In fairness significant compensation should now be paid to all those tricked, bullied, blackmailed or coerced into receiving these dangerous injections.

  8. “Covid Response Minister Dr. Ayesha Verrall announced that health sector staff under 30 years old will not be required to take another booster because it would put them at significant and increasing risk of serious adverse health effects.”

    This is totally unacceptable. The Minister now spreading misinformation. Everyone, knows the jabs are safe and effective. How selfish these young health professionals who opt to avoid a second booster. With hundreds now killed by Covid, they want to put us all at risk. The risk of serious adverse health effect, is just something that these professionals need to face. Adverse effects, like stroke, or death, are mostly minor and rare.

    • Great read! But please use /s for sarcasm at the end of your post when you are being sarcastic! Cheers for the laugh!

    • Anything that does not fit the argument of convenience must be misinformation or disinformation and must be censored or smeared according to the MSM mercenary rule book.

  9. If you have to be persuaded, reminded, bullied, pressured, incentivised, lied to, guilt tripped, coerced, socially shamed, censored, threatened, paid, punished, and criminalised, to gain compliance, you can be absolutely certain what is being promoted is not in your best interest.

  10. NZ is short of 4000 nurses. 700 pro-choice nurses said they want to come back to work. The Nurses Society of New Zealand said unvaccinated nurses are not wanted back. A poll says the majority of Kiwis said yes (57 percent), while 43 percent said no.

    This just shows we, the pro-choice are now by far the majority. O what a wickard web we weave when first we begin to deceive.

  11. I know of an anaesthetist and an orthopaedic surgeon who didn’t want the vaccine. So there are 2 highly trained New Zealanders sitting around doing nothing while the health sector implodes and people suffer and die. The fact our govt won’t let these people work tells you just how evil the govt is.

    • Quoting Doomfield “Correctly wearing a surgical or N95 mask could reduce the risk of infection by about half. He urged those who were not wearing masks because they were uncomfortable to think of health workers, who had to wear them day in and day out.”

      Doomfield is spreading missinformation and disinformation on masking when there is NO scientific evidence that it stops infection in any significant manner and it carries rather risk of illhealth.

  12. Guy, I would respectfully ask that you – above all people – stop using the word “vaccine” when talking about mRNA-based injectables. By all definition, except the recently re-written definition, the mRNA jabs are NOT vaccines. They do not prevent infection, transmission or reduce symptoms for a start. Furthermore, their documented lack of testing, the fraud that has taken place getting them to market, the political interference and the short and long term documented side effects dictate they not be granted the title of “vaccines”.

    The mRNA jab gives honestly produced and tested vaccines a bad name, meaning truly beneficial future vaccines will not now be trusted and quite rightly too, in my view.


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