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Jayden Desmond Meyer who raped four underaged girls given 9 months home detention – protests and petition started

Jayden Desmond Meyer news

Jayden Desmond Meyer, aged 18 was sentenced for the offending which took place in the Bay of Plenty during 2020 and 2021.

Meyer faced a total of 10 charges including four of rape, four of sexual violation, and two of doing an indecent act. There were five young female victims, four of whom were raped and one who was sexually violated. All five victims were aged 15 at the time of the attacks. Meyer was 16.

Meyer pleaded not guilty but was found guilty of all charges.

Meyer, who is now living north of Auckland, was sentenced to nine months’ home detention and a further 12 months of post-release conditions, including a ban on associating with anyone under 16 and attending a sexual violence prevention programme.

The sentence, perceived by many as being wholly inadequate, led to protests in some locations and a Change.org petition started by Bella Austin.

Austin wrote:

‘Im absolutely disgusted that Jayden Meyer can get away for raping FOUR 15 year old girls without being held accountable. He’s getting home detention for NINE months! It’s sickening to think about those poor girls who went through that, and will have to live with it. There were five young female victims, four of whom were raped and one who was sexually violated. That does not sit right with me whatsoever, we need to change this!’

Meanwhile a video of Meyer’s mother apparently making a threat to the victims was posted on Twitter this evening.

‘Mother’s are lionesses. In the next two to three years can you all watch your backs, especially the girls. And if they can put the court order against me, I’m not scared to go to jail.’

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  1. They would’ve been better off claiming he’d breached the Auckland border during lockdown.

    He’d be doing a 5 year sentence right now ????????

    PS – if it had happened to one of my daughters I would be quite happy with this ruling. I wouldn’t want him locked away in prison, I’d want him out here in the open where I could reach him a few months from now when all the buzz has died down.

    • If we had to deport every person from another country who did wrong in New Zealand, there would not be that many people left here. What about the thousands of New Zealanders who daily break the law, murder, rape and steal – where to for them? Our jails are overfull and Australia’s already sending many NZ criminals and gang members back.

      It’s revealing of Jayden’s mother she said what she has. Seems likely therefore she could be a considerable reason her son felt he had the right to rape 4 girls under the age of 15. Jayden’s mother is most certainly no lioness, they’re incredible creatures, she’s merely a bully attempting to defend her son’s wrongdoing with threats of revenge toward those young girls who rightly exposed him for profoundly harming them.

      We stand together in support of these brave girls, who at their age had the courage and self-respect to lay charges endure the legal process then the judge’s negligent negligible sentencing – and now the perpetrator’s mother’s intimidating threats too.

      I have great admiration for these girls and wish them every strength, healing, great opportunities, much happiness, wonderful relationships and friendships, and to fully achieve what they each want in their lives.

      Well done to @spenceemcc for the video and also the petition! So good to see decent young men standing up for justice. We stand with you.

  2. Sounds like he got a discount for good behaviour.

    A perfect example of why NZ is in the pookaka today. Our justice system is fraked, our prosecution is fraked. Sends a great message to all the self entitled out there.

  3. Ahhhh and so it begins where good will become evil and evil will become good this ruling is the tip of the iceberg it’s going to get a lot worse than this sadly ????

  4. This sentence gives no comfort for “rehabilitation value” when the offender is locked in with people like his mother who attempt to justify his disgusting crimes. His parents are also the people who helped create this monster.
    His mother should be very careful about her threats, yes, mothers are protective of their children, she needs to remember each of her sons victims have mothers too, and more than that, every parent of daughters, every parent of decent sons, wants to see her son pay for his crimes, and after hearing her disgusting threats, want her locked up too.
    No matter how strong she thinks she is, she is wrong and we are stronger.

  5. Hopefully he is a marked sex offender. I agree – deport him. If he was a pacific islander he would have been deported.
    F*****g woke judges and criminal justice system

  6. Obviously, the rapist’s family is ‘in the know’ and ‘walking in the (false) light’…and are protected from the full wrath of the Just-Us System!
    Most of the problems that we have had here in Aotearoa stem from those arriving from South Africa, and the Netherlands. Both populations arrive here with a false sense of entitlement, self-assured arrogance, and ready to exploit and over-charge those whom they deem to be ‘inferior’.
    IF one of the girls who he raped and abused should obtain supreme martial arts skills, and see him on the street, and then paid retribution, no doubt that the girl(s) in question would end up behind bars for doing just that, while the little dweeb gets ‘Home Detention’ .
    Kinda like the ‘British Travellers’ who arrived here 3 years ago and created havoc wherever they went! At least they had their visas cancelled…!

  7. So South African lad thinks it’s just fine to rape 4 NZ girls?. And who will be looking after this spoilt brat rapist him for those 9 months? His stupid bigoted mother. The family need deporting asap . We don’t need people like this in NZ.

  8. Deportation should take place! no remorse from offender or his bigoted parents , when those poor girls suffer a lifetime trauma.!!! My heart goes out to you all. You were so brave to testify .
    Get the **** out of our country if that how you gonna treat us – its a privilege living in NZ , you don’t deserve too be here anymore. Hiding out up north with the strong connection of Sth Afrkaans.
    Mr Sinclair I admire your actions & what you have done to protect your friends and families and taking a stand . Kia Kaha

  9. Why did the crown prosecutor abandon her responsibilities to get some justice for the victims and instead collaborate with the offenders legal in suggesting to the judge that he do a few months home detention?
    I can’t imagine why she would do that unless there is something untoward going on?? But that surely cannot be the case as she is a CROWN PROSECUTOR! And such individuals are surely appointed because of their high moral standing…can someone please explain why she became a turncoat to the course of justice? Yes the ugly inadequate little toad and his family should be deported, but there will always be sex offenders around (especially given they mostly get away with it entirely), it’s up to the courts to sentence them,properly not only as a deterrent to the offenders, but to send a message to all and sundry that rape is not acceptable in our society…or is it? To some it seems it is.


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