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HomeNewsNathan Haines: 'Mandates must end'

Nathan Haines: ‘Mandates must end’

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Acclaimed kiwi musician Nathan Haines says the ‘mandates must end’.

In an Instagram post today, Haines, who is vaccinated against COVID, gave his thoughts on the Parliament Protest and the state of the country, after having visited the protest site at Parliament Buildings in Wellington today.


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  1. Nathan Haines, Russell Coutts and Tariana Turia. More to come, I’m sure. Good on them for calling out the UN’s proxy NZ government. With National getting into bi-partisan issues such as the recent housing “fix” and now taking the same stance over the Parliament grounds protest, we’ve got Labour red and Labour blue. Seventy five percent of legislation passed, both Parties have agreed on. Forget the Parties that chase the middle ground if there’s to be a future for New Zealand. The middle ground is now under the direction of neo-Marxists.

    • Yes big ups to them all. We will be watching who else has the courage to use their prominent platforms to speak in support.

  2. if you are going to wellington there is NO MORE CAMPING space at the protest. It is completely full. You need to find somewhere to camp. You can still get into and join the protest but there is just no room left. People have filled up every spot. This is really good because numbers are swelling. This thing is growing – be happy about that

  3. National is as out of touch with New Zealanders as Labour is. See Nicola Willis’ recent FB post about the freedom protestors at parliament. I felt ill reading how unintelligently shallow she is and also believing the MSM smear campaign. She will never get my vote nor will Luxon. Why oh why are we paying these truly stupid one-eyed people even to be in parliament. Our hard earned tax dollars going into their bank accounts in return for this level of idiocy.

    • Don’t do that, don’t mistake it for idiocy and ignorance. These people are NOT stupid, everything they do or say is thought about and planned out and done for very specific reasons. They only pretend to be idiots because most people are willing to suffer an idiot, but not an opportunistic criminal (which is what the vast majority of them ACTUALLY are).

      It really doesn’t matter whether it’s a National or Labour person who sits in the PM’s chair. It could be the ACT dorks or the Green Party commies and it STILL wouldn’t matter.

      The same group of people and behind-the-curtain interests run the country REGARDLESS of what happens in our little elections we pretend to have every few years. This is true of most western “democracies” today.

      All we’re seeing now is the so-called opposition parties trip over themselves trying to impress Jacinda’s bosses and make the case for why they would be the more effective authoritarian.

      It’s clear as day to anyone with a working pair of eyes that these people care more about keeping the special interests happy than keeping the citizens happy.

      I have absolutely ZERO (0%, zip, nothing, nada) in Luxon or Seymour after the comments they’ve made, in fact, I think there’s a good chance they’d likely be ten times WORSE than Jacinda if that’s even possible

  4. Finally people are realizing that you DONT HAVE A CHOICE and elections are a farce to create the illusion of choice.They rule by the “consent of the governed” granted at every election.By voting you accept the winner of the popularity contest becomes ruler(all the while hoping your chosen one wins)thereby granting consent to be governed.DONT VOTE let them know you don’t believe in the scam anymore.Register to vote so that your not vote counts though

  5. I’m not sure you understand your role: Like farm animals, you are a producer of income. Once you are no longer producing, you have no value.

  6. Blackrock and Vanguard give the orders. Your PM must obey or lose future financing for NZ and your country be financially ruined.

  7. Canada’s Govt. are doubling down and going full Nazi. Expect this shower to do the same. ALL these cookie-kuts world-wide are hiding something utterly sinister and it would appear they see a ‘future’ with just them in it and no one else. What else explains their bizarre behaviour?

    • Apparently they arrested people, handcuffed them, put them in the paddy wagon, drove 5 kms and let them go again no charges. Why? Because you can’t arrest someone who is peacefully protesting as it’s against the law.

      The police and military need to join up with the people and turn on the govt who no longer represent their people.

  8. Jeeze, it’s being said the vaccine causes AIDS, cancer and many other things. Only time will tell if it’s true. IF it IS true, at some point there’ll be MASSIVE CHOAS as victims retaliate. Like the “Purge” series, you’re advised to stay out of the way, let it run it’s course. Have some food put back, and be able to defend your property.

  9. GENEVA, Feb 15 – “Pollution by states and companies is contributing to more deaths globally than COVID-19, a UN environmental report published on Tuesday said.”
    “Pollution from pesticides, plastics and electronic waste is causing at least 9 million premature deaths a year as the coronavirus pandemic has caused close to 5.9 million deaths.”


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