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Nurses For Freedom NZ respond to NZNO President Anne Daniels over nursing shortages

Daniels published a series of measures to address the nursing shortage crisis, but ignored the elephant in the room – mandated health staff, say Nurses For Freedom NZ (NFFNZ).

DTNZ publishes the NFFNZ press release in full:

Nurses for Freedom NZ (NFFNZ) acknowledges the extreme measures taken by Anne Daniels (NZNO President) Wednesday 18th August 2022 in acknowledging acute nurse staffing shortages on some shifts and the potential for reduced nursing care throughout New Zealand. Local NZNO Organisers have been asked to place ‘contractual agreements’ (pictured) at every work unit where staffing is an issue. These legally cannot be removed.

Nurses For Freedom NZ news

Daniels gives examples of measures that could be taken to mitigate the crisis including ‘actualisation of Te Tiriti, more nurses being trained and better pay and conditions for nurses.’

Deborah Cunliffe (NFFNZ) is cautious however as “None of these measures will reduce the risk to patients in our health system today, tomorrow or next week. NZNO have been representing these issues for many years and clearly the government has taken little or no notice. Winter flu historically places our health system at greater risk but this is now about so much more, as our colleagues are sick and exhausted, morale is low and democracy is under attack.”

Daniels fails to point out a very obvious and immediate solution, drop the mandates and allow unvaccinated nurses back to work. Nurses for Freedom NZ members and other mandated health care workers are healthy, willing and able to return to work with immediate effect. Most have over 30 years experience in the New Zealand health system, many identify as Maori or Pacific Islanders and all are culturally competent to practice.

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  1. As a gerneral public, it is easy to see why nursing shortages continues to daunt.

    Poor salary does not help in big cities where housing is unaffordable and the amount of time to travel to work and return. Instead of decentralising health services, more and more mega hospiutals are favoured. If there is a single central authority, the top managemnet will be looking at the compouter screens than talking to front loine nurses. The arrogrance of health bosses, who are often unqualified or inexperienced in health matters, will create a unsafe and unfriendly work environment.

    The pandemic management revealed how nurses were treated as just as disposable items. “Do no harm” principle was violated using mandates and vindictive firsing of nurses. Even those complied were forced to over work and the jabs did not protect them.

    Jabcinda politicised health. This poisson is not easy to remove from the current health system. The hospital care is becoming third world. Leaky buildings and unsafe work places are noit uncommon.

    It is better off kiwi nurses to move to australia or UK. NZ is not an attractive place to recruit experiences nurses fdrom overseas.

    Satanist Jabcinda must go or else we are going to see further worsening of health services.

    • Yes, this centralization of services, be it health or any other, is on the WEF agenda for moving populations to “managable areas” and to empty the countryside, one of the reasons Dutch farmers are making a stand. But this two tier state Jabby has created is just bloody appalling. I long for the day when she is rushed to hospital and can’t find a nurse or a bed…

  2. Its not just the nurses that will be moving, most people who care about their families future will move. The health system is only part of the problem Vaxcinda and her criminal mob have created. Its all part of the agenda. Unfortunately all political parties support the jab, 3 Waters, He Puapua and treat the TOW as some kind gospel and the false belief its some kind of partnership.
    If you tender or pitch for public sector work, your organisation needs to explain in detail how TOW is being implemented in your workplace. Otherwise fat chance of winning the bid.
    The migration trickle will turn into a torrent soon.

  3. A health worker (quad jabbed) said to me recently, the unvaccinated will never be welcomed back. Seems to them, the Jabbed don’t want them to return. The unvaccinated are frowned upon as not part of the team. Though when you think about the jab cult, their thinking makes crazy sense.

  4. This jabbed health worker is a foxes without its tail in the Aesop’s Fables
    Some of the unjabbed will justify to hide their guilt. Most jabbed people are not haters but some are. Thanks to Jabcinda for the divide and rule politics and hate spread within NZ. Jabcinda, the curse, will soon go to the dark side where it belongs, hopefully.


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