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Petition seeks repeal of Digital Identity Act

Digital Identity Act news

A petition against New Zealand’s Digital Identity Services Trust Framework Act 2023, set to take effect on July 1, 2024, is urging citizens to reject the implementation of digital IDs.

The Act, which aims to ‘secure’ the storage of digital information for all New Zealanders, was expedited by Labour in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. It passed its first reading on October 19, 2021, without opposition from any party.

Public submissions on the Bill were accepted over a six-week period, closing on December 2, 2021.

Of the 4,500 submissions received, 4,049 were submitted in the final two days, predominantly opposing the Bill.

Critics argue there has been insufficient public awareness about the framework’s intent and purpose.

‘I have not been aware of any public awareness campaign advising the public of the intent and purpose of the framework. I believe there has been a lack of transparency and the benefit of the framework has not been illustrated,’ said petitioner Tracey Coxhead.

The Act proposes a voluntary system initially for secure digital identification, which could become essential or compulsory in the future for accessing various services, such as banking, medical records, education, and government benefits, leading to concerns about government overreach, permanent loss of privacy rights and uncontrolled government digital surveillance.

New Zealanders can sign the petition online, which closes on 31 July.

Image credit: Markus Spiske

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  1. I do not now nor will I never will consent to this govt. overreach…..take your globalist agenda you A’holes and shove it where the sun don’t shine.
    The fact that the party in place now has not completely scrapped this already is all the proof you will ever need that they to are pushing the same globalist agenda.

  2. Great!
    Thank you for publishing this DT, I have no doubt all readers will sign and share this petition.
    Also, hand in hand with ‘real me'(!) is ‘digital cash’ (yes, you read that right…) please take the time to have your say here https://www.rbnz.govt.nz/money-and-cash/digital-cash.
    Please use your ‘freedom mouse’ to have your say on both of these crucial issues being snuck in as we speak.

    • Thanks for the link Sally. I have made my response. Hope other will do the same. We are going to be in a right mess.

  3. Any digital identity system or CBDcurrency can be abused by a click, not only by government, but also by Ai systems.
    It is by definition IN-HUMAN.
    Resist, defy, do not comply.

    And pay everything with CASH.

  4. Once they bring in the Digital ID and the Digital cash they will just make it mandatory one day and we will all be screwed. They will have control of your entire life, telling what you can and can not do, right down to what you think and say by turning your digital cash off if you say or do or even think something they do not like. They will own you, you will own nothing and they will force you to be happy about or they will turn of your ability to participate in society. This truly is govt overreach and must be stopped NOW.

    • Sorry, but it will not be mandated by government, but by corporations.
      Both sectors are owned and run by the international bankster cabal.
      CBDC will be happily adopted via incentive ‘carrots’, whereby social benefits and pensions will be easier to access, however usage of that debt instrument will have time limited spending validity to get velocity going and thus gearing up ‘productivity’ indexes.
      CBDC, in combination with Ai, cam surveillance and digital identification systems, is THE biggest treat to human freedom.
      It will be implemented so fast, that even the dumb but arrogant and corrupt polit-accomplices will be side-lined! Are there ANY politicians out there who get that???????
      Who needs politicians when bureaucrazy and corporations work hand-in-hand together, all usurped by a tiny financial cabal, so powerful and insidious, that it managed the world via wars, facilitated by corrupted politicians, smoke-screened by media stooges, consolidated by ‘edjucation’ and convoluted via divisive ideologies since more than 250 years.
      It is an inter-generational and increasing accumulation of virtually all wealth, invented, promulgated and instigated via the Central Banking system, fractional reserve lending and compound interest, which by definition is USURY, which since ancient times is allowed/reserved for only one religious group.
      Sheeple, escape the pen they put you in and make yourself knowledgeable. Read the Kabbalah. Wise up on Central Banking system, fractional reserve lending and compound interest.
      This WILL affect YOU in ways very scary to contemplate. THEY want you uneducated and/or scared.
      Connect to others and TALK about this.
      WAKE UP.
      Or be led to the shearing shed and after that to the abattoir.
      Because after YOU sheeple have served THEIR agenda most of YOU and YOUR children are superflous.

      • Yes but like anything they will do it with the help of the govt. of the day as all the major parties are owned buy the globalist power structure.

      • Don’t just read the Kabbalah, but also…READ THE HORRIFIC TALMUD!
        The latter tells you exactly what they think of us Gentiles and Goyim, and instructions on how to ‘manage’ us as they have sex with non-J3wi$h 4 year-old children (recent NYC tunnel bust?)
        Henry Kissinger verified this with his statements over the years, ie “Military men are cattle, to be used.”
        Kissinger and his ilk should be forced out of Palestine and relocated / moved to where his Compatriot, Josef Stalin, built cities using Gulag slave labour- in the relocation to Siberia!
        That way, they can then re-open the mines, and Russia can keep half the income from the Zionist labour to pay reparations for the bloody Bolshevik Revolution, and also to pay war reparations to the Palestinians…all under Russia’s watchful eye which will keep the Zio-Communists under constant surveillance so that they don’t pull their genocidal crap ever again!

  5. Signed.
    I think this whole digital thing is WEF driven. The WEF is certainly tying digital ID into health programmes. At the meeting in January in Davos the following items were discussed: global security, trade, economic growth, jobs, climate and nature action, the energy transition, technological disruption, and health and well-being.
    Members of the European Union and the United Nations attend WEF meetings.
    This thing is – none of these people is elected yet there they sit, making decisions which will affect the lives of the world population. They have absolutely no mandate – except what they give themselves – to do any one thing that they plan to do.
    Was the NZ Government represented at Davos? If so, does anyone know who went?

    • THEY do not need any representation from NZ, nor do the various NZ ‘governments’ need to represent New Zealand.
      Luxon was elite of Unilever and Air New Zealand, both corporations sponsoring WEF.
      ‘Representation’ nowadays works under the radar. You can bet that the top stooges acting as politicians -either colouer- have already had their ‘escape’ plans devised, like Jabcinda, Bloomfield, Wilkes, Mallard and Co.
      Has anybody seen Grant Robertson lecture at Otago Uni lately? Is he taking the back entrance? Yeah Right!
      The WEF Davos show is what it is, a show.
      The WEF is one of the inner layers of the banksters’ onion, designed to provide layers for attention/camouflage/diversion for the real core. And a commentator further up eluded on that real core.
      It is THE core.
      Anything else is just greased bulwark.
      The closer to the core, i.e. the closer to the spigot of free currency creation the agents of said core are (like the WEF), the safer they might feel.
      It will be a rude awakening.
      Nothing and nobody will be safe, especially if agents have served their role.
      Uuuuhhh, they feel so ssshpecial to rehearse their smarmy comport, vain, vacuous, vacant.
      “You’re nearly a laugh,
      You’re nearly a laugh
      But you’re really a cry.”
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zl6Hi3-bM94 (Crank it!)

  6. Soon to be tied to your bank account, carbon credit score, social credit score and vaccine compliance status.

    The UN/WEF global digital prison is almost complete.


  7. This satanic zionist captured collection of prostiticians has NO RIGHTS TO PASS ANYTHING EXCEPT GAS.
    This utterly treasonous murderous mob are criminals. Clear and simple. Criminals. Murderous criminals.

  8. Any politician in NZ who goes along with this totalitarian control will be held to account. They can’t hide from all of us.


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