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Police update enquiry into the whereabouts of Tom Phillips and his children

Tom Phillips news

Waikato Police have continued to receive information from the community since the renewed public appeal via the recent Ten 7 Aotearoa programme.

“This is extremely encouraging and we’d like to say a huge thank you to those who have come forward with details they believe will help us find Thomas Phillips and the children,” says Waikato West Area Commander Inspector Will Loughrin.

For operational reasons Police won’t be providing specific details however this information has included possible sightings of the family in the wider Waitomo area over the past few weeks.

“This information, like all leads that come through to the enquiry team, are followed up on,” says Inspector Loughrin.

Police can also confirm a fixed-wing plane was utilised last weekend to complete an aerial search of areas of interest. Police won’t be providing any specific details on the search area or any findings at this time.

“While we are yet to locate the family, our message to the community remains unchanged – If you, or anyone you know is assisting Tom, do the right thing and get in touch with Police.

“If you are sitting on information you think could make a difference, then we urge you to let us know.”

Police continue to work with the wider family and update them on the enquiries that are underway.

“This remains an upsetting and stressful time for them while the whereabouts of the children are unknown and we want to be in a position as soon as possible to ensure the children are doing well.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Police via 105 and quote file number 211218/5611.

Information can also be provided anonymously via Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.

Source:NZ Police

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  1. This guy seems to be doing this on purpose to annoy his ex wife.

    It it really appropriate to take such young children to ‘go bush’? I dont think so. Dude needs to be warned his access to the kids will be taken away if he does it again. Can’t he just takethem to the playground or beach like normal people? Wait until they are older and ask the kids if they want to go bush or not.

    He should be billed for all the wasted time looking for him as well. How hard is it to tell people where you are or where you are going. No wonder he is the ‘ex’.

  2. He’s gone bush and is teaching his children how to live ‘off grid’ when war breaks out at whatever level.
    See the docu video online titled ‘Soldiers in Hiding’, and then ask how many NZ Veterans have set about living a similar lifestyle???
    Tom is being demonised because he holds alternative views and has no trust in *’the system’ (*probably formed via ‘divorce proceedings’…), and prefers to not be involved in the same.
    Good on him!
    I’m sure that the children are fine, and happy in their bush environment as they learn that there is more to life than video games, texting and bullying!!!

    • He can hold all the alternative views he wants but he should do it on his own and leave the poor kids out of it! He just looks like an irresponsible father and if continues down this track he will likely lose contact with his kids altogether or at best have supervised access.

      Furthermore he clearly has no respect for the childrens mother or how anxious she must be not knowing where her kids are.


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