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US Experts: NZ’s Mission to Train Ukrainians Senseless Given Russia’s Imminent Win

Ukraine conflict news

New Zealand is sending another 120 Defense Force personnel to train Ukrainians in the UK.

At no point will the nation’s military go into Ukraine, according to the New Zealand press. What’s behind Wellington’s effort?

“I don’t believe that the deployment of 120 New Zealand military trainers to the UK to train Ukrainian soldiers is any different from what NATO has been doing over the past eight years in helping to train and organize the Ukrainian ground forces,” said David T. Pyne, an EMP Task Force scholar and former US Department of Defense officer.

According to Pyne, sending New Zealand military trainers “will have absolutely no effect” on the course of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict and “amounts to little more than virtue signaling as it has become popular in Western leadership circles to show they are doing something to help Ukraine fight Russia.”

The dispatch of 120 New Zealand Defense Force (NZDF) personnel was announced by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern as a previous 30-person deployment was completed. The New Zealand military will go over in tranches over the next three weeks. The NZDF training mission in the UK will end on November 30. In May, Wellington sent 30 NZDF specialists to the UK to train members of the Ukrainian military in using the L118 Light Gun, a 105 mm towed howitzer, according to New Zealand’s 1News.

Wellington’s military assistance to Ukraine comes in line with the US and NATO’s increased effort to arm and train Ukrainian troops and neo-Nazi battalions after the beginning of the Russian special operation to demilitarize and de-Nazify the Eastern European state in February 2022.

Pyne believes that “it is a mistake for New Zealand to send their troops to train Ukrainian soldiers.” Instead, Wellington “should be remaining neutral and using what diplomatic influence they have to join the call for a negotiated compromise peace to end the conflict on terms acceptable to both sides,” according to the former Pentagon officer. On June 18, the EMP Task Force scholar proposed a 15 point plan to restore peaceful relations between Russia and NATO and resolve the ongoing standoff in Ukraine in his op-ed for The National Interest.

“New Zealand’s recent action of sending soldiers to Britain to train Ukrainians is a futile and reckless endeavor that will do absolutely nothing except confirm the incompetence, arrogance, and ignorant enmity of the New Zealand regime against Russia and its people,” echoes Scott Bennett, former US Army psychological warfare officer and State Department counter-terrorism analyst.

According to Bennett, the New Zealand government is trying to distract the nation’s citizens from the political and economic failures of Jacinda Ardern’s Cabinet.

“In reality [the NZDF deployment to train Ukrainians] will accomplish nothing but waste valuable taxpayer dollars of New Zealand’s citizens and is a silly attempt for New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern to seem politically relevant,” says Bennett. “She is also doing this because like most politicians and bureaucrats in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, America, and Britain the people are rising up in violent opposition to their national lockdowns and police state tactics that have been forced upon them for the past two years for the COVID-19 sickness.”

‘Russia is Set to Win, Kiev Should Return to Negotiating Table’

The military experts highlight that Wellington’s NZDF training program seems pointless given that there are all the earmarks of Russia winning the ongoing standoff with Kiev.

“All honest intelligent analysts overwhelmingly agree that Russia’s military operation is essentially a military victory and Russia is now in a clean-up stage,” says Bennett. “Russia’s military tactics and tempo will accelerate over the next month for a final cleansing of the countryside and we will very quickly see an entire collapse of the Ukrainian military as they flee annihilation.”

For his part, Pyne suggests that “Ukraine has as little as four weeks to negotiate a compromise peace agreement based on Russia’s relatively modest peace terms” before the regions controlled by Russian forces begin voting in popular referendums on whether to reunify with Russia. Once they join Russia, Kiev will be incapable of bringing them back without the risk of further escalation, according to the EMP Task Force scholar.

“Accordingly, Western leaders would be wise to suspend all lethal military assistance to pressure Ukrainian President [Volodymyr] Zelensky to return to the negotiating table before it is too late,” Pyne emphasizes. “If Zelensky is truly concerned about the return of Ukrainian territory to Kiev’s control, he will do so.”

At the same time, the former DoD officer expresses concerns over the Biden administration’s attempts to prolong the military conflict in Ukraine by providing Kiev with military aid at the time when US-China tensions over Taiwan are escalating. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei earlier this month resulted in more assertive actions of the Chinese military around Taiwan, which is seen by Beijing as an inalienable part of the People’s Republic of China.

According to Pyne, the Biden administration “would be far wiser” to facilitate an end to the Russia-Ukraine standoff “as quickly as possible, normalize all diplomatic and trade relations with Russia and negotiate a mutual security agreement along with a grand strategic partnership for peace, resolving all issues in dispute between Russia and NATO.”

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  1. We all know the low IQ of Mahuta. It takes time for her to understand some of these matters. MSM is not helping Mahuta either with all the fake news claiming “Ukraine is winning”. Mahuta would have thought of gaining some credit given that “Ukraine is winning” as oftem claimed by the Big Bullshit Corporation (BBC) whose fake news is regularly reprinted by the STUFF stenographers.

  2. Where is Lapdog Luxon and the rest of her cheerleaders on this.If any of the Armys order following morons get killed Comrade Jacinda will get the ultimate distraction for the economic mess she created with lockdowns and money printing(with the full support of her National puppets)

  3. She is still pushing covid bullshit to be the big hero to the globalists when the rest of the world has given up,this is just another show to make her look good to the globalists.Its always been about her advancement

  4. It is truly disgusting that NZ is blindly following the US dictat and this sold out muppet is too eager to join the shit show.

    Ukraine on the behest of the US has been genociding the Russian speaking people of the Donbass for the last 8 years……all those bio weapons labs that the US has been running…..disgusting to see Ukraine on our Beehive.

    How the hell training Ukie soldiers in UK is going to make any difference? We don’t have any defense forces of note.

  5. What is Mahuta offereing Ardern to gain such power?
    Zelensky is a clown and has neatly become the Dictator of Ukraine. He seems to have the intellectual capacity of Biden.
    We trust the free world to these idiots?

  6. What effing war!!!! Just a propaganda red flag with msm showing photos of fake citizens from other countries and fueling the bullish.t to make you think that there is a war!!! They do it every time and this is no different. That evil witch Ardern better not be throwing away more tax payers money on this bloody war hoax or I will be going on the dole to recoup some of my money that I have paid in good faith. She is reckless and insane make no mistake is not qualified to hold the purse of the nation she has proven this time and time again. Billions of dollars from us the people have been squandered and wasted, and she needs to mind her business where other countries are concerned, but she can’t help herself she’s gotta be front and centre because it’s all about her on the nwo stage. I hope our defence force tells her to get effed????????????

  7. It is all corruption at the end of the day. Ultimate Scum (US) politics uses funding from Big MIC and Big Pharma and without their funding no one can win. Big Tech and Big media play a greater propaganda and spying role for the security state. Go After Yanks (GAY) agents like Jabcinda and Laxon just take orders and derive pleasure being a Monica Lewinski to the deep state. Lots of media mercenaries spread their propaganda narrative. For example, STUFF has as many stenographers as the number of researchers in a University in NZ and these mercenaries are all fed well.

    They spread rumours, for example Trump is a russian agent etc when there is no evidence to back up. Russophobia and Sinophobia are being spread heavily right now.

    Putin and Lavrov laugh about the US Trump’s “secrets”

    I will NOT be suprised if DTNZ is called a russian poodle or terrorist outlet for giving a voice opposing jabbing mandates. Smear campaign is one of the tools of the deepstate agents, we all know. 🙂

  8. If it is the wrong thing to be doing, you can guarantee Ardern will be doing it.
    She wants to drag us down, perhaps she is hoping Russia will come over here and destroy us
    so she can skip the blame..
    Must be so tedious for her trying to come up with new ways to destroy NZ and its people, for
    which she would happily leave this country when her agenda 2030 work here is done.

    At which point we will have no human rights, no chemical free drinking water, no functioning
    businesses, no farms, no affordable food, no healthcare system, and we will own nothing and
    have nothing left.

    We will have to start rebuilding the country from scratch, which will get no help
    from overseas as she has totally destroyed our reputation with actions such as supporting
    Ukraine on top of her crimes against humanity re Covid19, which has seen her ignore the massive
    amount of deaths and injuries her policies/mandates have caused.

    This distraction will not work sorry, will not distract us from the deaths of our loved ones
    and the muliple crisises were are all facing here in NZ..because of her and her govt and all
    who carry out her dirty work.

  9. Ah yes the Ukraine war… also known as the world media golden globe awards ???? grab yourselves some crisis actors send them to makeup take old footage of past wounded and throw in some footage of video games and voila! Lights !camera! action. And the winner is……..! These b..tards have no shame.

  10. Ardern must not be allowed to leave NZ. She has committed so many crimes against humanity that NZers must be allowed to deal with her right here. And what on earth is NZ doing interfering in a so-called war in a country when most NZers don’t even know where it is? Is she just grandstanding on the world stage again?
    And I see her friend Tova is now in Ukraine having nice chats with the criminal Zelensky. Does anyone know why she is there and who has paid all her expenses? Poor tax weary NZers again? I have to agree with all the comments re this item.

    • Government quietly introduces $103 billion tax on KiwiSaver
      All Wars are Banker Wars
      All Politicians are tarred with the same brush
      There is only one party
      Nasi the Speaker

  11. Demagogue Arderns mission is to destroy NZ
    Just like it was Hitlers mission to destroy Germany
    Hitler was a British Agent who was trained in England
    Ardern was trained under Klaus Schwab
    Whose Great reset Agenda has been embraced by all world politicians
    Because they know it promotes and entrenches their power over their citizens
    While destroying economies and forcing their populations into subservience
    And a new Feudal Age
    It is all about control and loss of personal freedoms and rights
    All world Governments pander to and embrace Judaism

  12. Putin’s Foreigner affairs minister says Hitler was a Jew Bitch but you my be part right, he was probably being run by the Jews with the help of the Anglos that had there country sold out from under them when Cromwell repaid his debt to the Jews by allowing them to return to Britain in return for bank rolling him.


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