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Watch: Gilda Kirkpatrick’s tour of the Parliament Protest

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Author and reality TV star Gilda Kirkpatrick is in Wellington at the Parliament Protest.

In a video posted to Twitter, Kirkpatrick takes a short walking tour of the protest, debunking the legacy media’s characterisation of the protest as ‘extremist’ or consisting of a ‘fringe minority’.

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  1. Government ultimatum: As soon as you all stop protesting and doing all these things that are effective, leave Wellington CBD and allow us to regain the upper hand, we super duper promise to listen to you and take all your concerns seriously.

    • Who believes anything any of the govt, Mps or media says any more? Just BS and lies. The doctors who are still going along with this are just as bad if not worse. If they had all stuck together at the beginning NONE Z of this would have happened.

  2. Oh Gilda!!! You poor thing! The trauma you have suffered in the midst of those aggressive protesters. New Zealanders are here for you Gilda. By the way Jacindas acc give free counseling that I encourage you to get. How you are still standing after passing that positively rabid dog is beyond me.😂 thanks for what you are doing Gilda,and for goodness sake’s BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!

  3. Love ya Gilda!

    Good on her. She knows what tyranny looks like. She thought she left that behind when she moved to New Zealand. She could be like many other well known New Zealanders who are noted by their silence, but no, she has got down there and supported the protesters. Why? Because she is standing up for the rights of not only her, but her kids and all the other New Zealanders who are still asleep as to what the real agenda is here.

    I see the trolls are attacking her on social media today as they do anyone who dares agree with the protest. What a sad little life these eternal bed wetters must lead trying to cancel and personally attack people. Look at them all having conniptions over a protest that probably doesn’t even affect them as they cower with their mask on in the corner of their parents basement. The only thing that has decimated Wellington business is the MANDATES. It’s the same all over New Zealand. The govt wants to shut small businesses down. THATS THE PLAN. It’s noting to do with health.

    Where are all the other well known kiwis? All too chicken to stand up for what’s right? We see you and your lack of morals/integrity/values/common sense/intelligence. How ironic for Hillary Barry to attack Jason Kerrison for speaking out when she has done nothing but gaslight unvaccinated people for 6 months, joking about excluding them at Christmas time. Shame on you Hillary and all your colleagues. Disgusting discrimination. I hope Jason Kerrison gets down there with his guitar and puts on a concert. Now that would be awesome!

    In the meantime thanks to Gilda and Russel Coutts, Jason Kerrison and Dame Tariana Turia for speaking their truths. Now WHERE are all the others? We are watching 👀 .

  4. Asking government to come outside and talk is like standing at a grave and asking the dead to rise & talk. All corporates are that… corpses. By the way hue-man means person and is fiction so not living and is the mask of man. Probably the reason for mask mandate… identifiable persons so WEF can inflict pain and suffering like the anti christ they are.

    Haha Yes so you have half dead people zombies outside parliament asking to talk to corpses. Funny but true! Still it’s important people are present together for power of unity.

    People may want to let go of their foreign owned and controlled ‘person’ and simply return to the land and soil known as Aotearoa living peaceably as man or woman under the sun of god.


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