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Watch: Politician calls Pfizer mRNA jab a ‘fake vaccine’, demands refund of 2.5 billion Euros

Mislav Kolakusic, a former Croatian judge and now Member of the European Parliament, says Pfizer’s mRNA jab has been a rip-off.

The fall-out from the admission of a senior Pfizer Executive that their experimental mRNA jab for COVID was not tested for the prevention of transmission continues.

Speaking yesterday in the European Parliament, Kolakusic has demanded a refund from Pfizer for its ‘fake vaccine’.

‘…given that from the available data, in particular the data from the English NHS which precisely keeps the statistics on the number of sick, hospitalised and deceased from the so-called vaccination status of 1, 2, 3, 4 doses and unvaccinated, it is undoubtedly clear that there is no difference in infection, illness and death from COVID between the so-called vaccinated and unvaccinated patients.

‘As a result, it is necessary to immediately terminate the contract for the supply of further doses as they have sold us fake vaccines request a refund of 2.5 Euros paid so far, and prosecute Pfizer and others.’


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    • Yes, Stuff especially has been noticeably quite. We can only hope it stays that way, but I wouldn’t be betting the house on it.

    • The only source of truth in NZ will claim that the jab is indeed safe and effective. Baker will give his expert opinion that the UK data are not relevant and our own made up, altered data clearly establish the truth that Pfizer jabs are very effective. STUFF will go on full stream to spreas the news aka lies. MoH will start a neew campaign to jab for new variants.

      A single lie needs dozens of lies to be told. We have funding for it. $60 billion plus more if needed.

  1. Obviously a right-wing conspiracy theorist and white supremist.Our wonderful leader told us it was “safe and effective” so he must be spreading mis/disinformation.Luckily we have censorship and fact-checkers to remedy this.Thanks Supreme Leader

  2. Waiting for other NZ news outlets to report this in 3….2….1……

    Well done DTNZ for fronting with these articles.

      • Nuremberg trials, televised.

        Pharma execs, media minions, power-drunk riot cops, presidents, prime ministers and princes.

        A short drop and a southern stop for anyone who knowingly lied, threatened or coerced their fellow man into taking this poison.

        But yeah, when pigs fly probably…

  3. Nice! Ggood to see politicians with spine which is why all 120 in our wasp nest should be gone .Spineless people who took people’s jobs away on the basis of A LIE THAT it stopped transmission .. Is the house of cards beginning to fall?

  4. Pfizer obviously knew the jab would be entirely ineffective. This is the greatest fraud in history, and still not a peep from MSM in New Zealand. $55 million plus advertising revenue clearly goes along way when buying silence.

  5. Sadly most countries ignored common sense and jumped into bed with Pfizer and the other criminal pharma companies .
    So many questions like :
    Why did they terminate the trials early ?
    Why were the contracts hidden from view ?
    Why didn’t governments promote good health ?
    Why did governments coerce the public with fear ?
    Why were health practitioners ordered to comply ?
    Why did they lockdown with no proof of benefits ?
    Why are they still suggesting children take the jab in NZ
    Why have the media turned a blind eye to all of above ?
    Why has all cause mortality increased by 16% ?


  6. Even Labour in Blue (National) and Labour in Yellow(Act) ignore the truth. Neither my local National MP or David Seymour will respond to my emails when I send these links to them. What are they afraid of?? Or are they a party to the big lie? Hang on a minute – dont I have to believe every thing Jacinda tells me.
    I heard that Baker was spouting on about the new variant. Probably wants more lockdowns and boosters. He still cant read the science for the trees. Soon the MSM will bring out that Wiles person to spread more lies. These people need to be cancelled.

  7. A refund would be a start, followed by criminal prosecution and lengthy prison sentences for all those involved in this heinous crime.


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