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Winston: ‘Mallard’s wrongful actions must be held to account’ – Speaker withdraws trespass notices

Winston Peters has confirmed withdrawal of the trespass notice served on him yesterday by Speaker of the House Trevor Mallard.

Mallard trespass news

The withdawal was made today at 1.39pm.

Former MPs Matt King and Darroch Ball also confirmed their notices had been withdrawn.

The matter was not going to end there, however, for Peters at least, who took to Twitter to outline further legal action against Mallard with a continuation of an Official Information Act request.

Withdrawal of the trespass notice came after Peters threatened legal action this morning.

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  1. I smell a rat here. Surely as Rodney Hide points out in this interview with Sean Plunket, Mallard and all the legal types in the house who he’d confer with know his action against Peters can’t be legally upheld. They know there’s legal precedent against it involving Chris Hipkins as a student protester at parliament no less! I therefore keep coming back to the thought that this is all a sensationalist diversionary tactic used to captivate public attention whilst Ardern and co surreptitiously advance their racist undemocratic 3 Waters scheme and willfully ignore the bonkers destruction of the Marsden Point refinery and subsequent loss of national fuel/economic security that would flow on from such sabotage. https://www.facebook.com/theplatformnz/videos/722738975526235

    • Jabcinda is autocraic. I cant think of anything she changed because of protests. Whether three waters or Marsden issue, she is not going to change, Legal remedy is there but not always works because Jacinda changes the law even with retrospective effect when lock downs were illegally continued.

      She should be voted down. But Luxon is simply a mirror image; he may dump the 3-waters scheme but he will also push NZ into the globalist agenda including going nuclear, joining the pacific NATO. He is trying to gain rual votes and farmers may blindly support him. The reality is that our export driven economy will not recover if China-US relationship goes down the drain. NZ has to remain like Switzerland when it comes to international conflicts. Or else we will have severe economic shocks given the economic mismanagement happening for the last 15 years or so. Luxon as well as Jacinda are just puppets when it comes foreign relationships. No independent policy and both are largely driven by the policies of US & UK. Both countries (& EU) are useless when it comes to exports to them from NZ. The strength of the petro dollar is not going to last, and US exports are not going to increase much n the future.

      Elections are the only way to changes. But the outlook is grim because Jacinda and Luxon are just two cheeks of the same arse.

  2. Good on you, Winston!

    Trevor Mallard and Labour should be paying ALL COSTS for Winston’s legal fees and requested judicial review given the absolute mess Labour has created in New Zealand, that decent caring people felt so unheard and marginalised they even needed to eventually protest on parliament grounds in the first place.

    The gross unfairness, inhumanity and deceit of Labour’s ‘reign’ is so unjust the air above parliament is rank with it.

  3. Winston should start a public campaign to remove the poltical ganster Trevor from the speakership. Laxon wont support and yet it will expose the hypocracy of both leaders. Given his past records of dealing with general public, he should have never been made the Speaker by Jabcinda.

  4. What did you do for us last time Winston? Should have been minister of immigration but you got stars in your eyes again,,,,

  5. We should also seek a judicial review of the troika’s spending. Money was voted by Parliament for Covid, much was also borrowed. That has been spent as Ardern R.I. pleases like as if she has her own personal cash box. (Some has even gone to Ukraine.)

    Our Westminster inherited constitution requires that Parliament vote on all expenditure of taxpayer’s monies. That must include spending of borrowings too that become the liability of the taxpayers. The Auditor General seems to have been silenced too. Maybe he doesn’t have sufficient power to adequately deal with this MMP botch-up.
    A super majority does not confer rights of tyranny. Did you know it requires prior notice to Parliament to even introduce a Bill involving public expenditure? Once we had Govt that understood these things.

    Ardern R.I has exceeded the bounds. If the Gov. Gen was not an Ardern standin and ignores her duty to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and to NZ she would have terminated this hodgepodge of incompetent power seekers.
    Is Luxon better?: anyone would be. I wish he would be seen to be more vigorous like his rival Seymour who is plainly leading.
    Do we really want the ill-faced Maori Party to choose our next gobblement?

    Time to consider also whether a PM who has personal allegiance to the WEF and seem to be implementing their agenda is guilty of high treason?

    • It is not really borrowed money but stolen from savers who kept cash deposits with the bank. The real value of saving is lost due to excessive inflation.

  6. This is a red herring to keep us all busy with unimportant stuff while it detracts focus from things that are happening that do matter and need attention.

    • You are giving too much credit to Mallard. He is a distraction for democracy for sure. He just forget to take his pills and acted. Public are facing so many issues on cost of living, and other health issues, who are really hard to distract.


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