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Process started to nominate Canadian Convoy Protest leader Tamara Lich for Nobel Peace Prize

process started to nominate canadian convoy protest

The process to nominate one of the leaders of the anti-Trudeau Canadian Convoy protest earlier this year has started.

A petition by French-Canadian man Kim Tsoj to support the nomination has been sent to the Secretary General of the European Parliament. The petition has been forwarded to the Committee for Petitions.

The grandmother from the town of Medicine Hat, Alberta is currently being held in prison on bail violation charges relating to the protest. Her supporters claim the charges are politically motivated.

While it is not clear if Lich will meet the criteria for the Peace Prize, she was awarded the prestigious George Jonas Freedom Award earlier this year.


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  1. Interesting how the European Parliament can endorse the Nobel Peace Prize for Tamara Lich, but will prosecute and criminally charge Gernam Citizen Alina Lipp for reporting the truth in the Donbas…
    The bullshit in the EU is piling up so fast, and no one is standing-up to hold this EU Zionist / Communist Government to account either thru International Law, or the Laws of both the EU and Germany!
    The Zionist Plan to destroy Europe and the White Race in it’s borders is all going to plan, just as Patrick Buchanan predicted in his book from25 years ago titled ‘The Death of the West’. and warnings from a former KGB Agent on how the Communists were going to take down the West via massive floods of immigrants from Africa and the Middle East thus displacing the native white European Populations.

  2. Lol, the same organisation who awarded the prize to Obama for doing literally nothing other than being black, but passed on STOOPID Trump even though he’d essentially stopped the major wars in the Middle East, refrained from creating any new ones and literally walked into North Korea to negotiate peace? ????

    Prediction: this brave lady’s nomination will get “lost in the Mail”, and the award will go to Giggling-Gates or Darth Klaus instead.

  3. Tamara Lich has proven herself to be a great Canadian. Maybe the WEF can initiate a Supreme Fascist award for Trudeau?

  4. While Tamara is an excellent example for Canadians, she is one of many to stand up for what’s right. We, here, can find people just like her that stood in Wellington, and around the country earlier in the year. They are all heroes. Yet not one of them would think of themselves in that way. They see injustice and say no. They stand for what’s right.

    God bless them all…

  5. Lich is a racist and a makes a joke of Canadian rights and freedoms. She represents a minority of Canadians. The award she was granted is only prestigious among entitled white people who are terrified of having to share a piece of the pie (just look at the other winners). Canadian rights and freedoms are not absolute and that seems to be something that neither Lich nor another previous winner understand. What a joke, nominating her for a Nobel Peace Prize.

    • I do not personally know Tamara Lich,~~~but I have heard she is a very kind, humble lady.A mother . a grandmother~~~sings in a country band along with her husband. I find it very hard to believe that Tamara is racist. The lady hertage is Metis~~~I would think our government is not only bulling but is racist against this Lady~~~Lich certainly did not ask to win the prestigious George Jonas Award & she certainly had no idea they were considering nominating her for the Nobel Peace Prize.~~~~She’s now a political prisioner~~~her name will go down with the greats…Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King……The folklore will live on~~~books & movies are in the making~~~~Elsie what have you done for our Great country?

  6. Your accusation of Lich being a racist is unwarranted and your comment about “entitled white people who are terrified of having to share a piece of the pie” suggests that, in fact, it is you that are the racist.

    Lich was representing the people in Canada who considered in unconscionable that people should be fired from their jobs, denied the ability to travel, denied access to restaurants, theatres, etc solely on the basis that they chose not be injected with a COVID vaccine. These vaccines never prevented infection and studies showed vey early on that infected vaccinated people have peak viral loads equal to infected unvaccinated people and spread the disease just as efficiently. With the emergence of Omicron, which undoubtedly originated in the vaccinated, spread around the world in vaccinated carriers and through the vaccinated populations in destination countries, vaccinated people were becoming infected at several times the rate per 100,000 of the group than unvaccinated. From a public health perspective, it is a person’s infectious status that matters, not their vaccination status. Since vaccinated people can be infected and just as infectious as unvaccinated people the discrimination against unvaccinated people simply because they were unvaccinated was/is not justifiable on any grounds.

    The people who share this view include many vaccinated people as well as the unvaccinated. The number of unvaccinated in Canada exceeds the number who voted for all but two of the 23 political parties in the last federal election, none of which obtained a majority of the votes. So while Lich represents a minority, so does the current governing political party

    As for past winners for the Gorge Jonas award they are: Canadians resisting unconstitutional lockdowns (2021) (like the Freedom Convoy, these included people of all races and religions), The Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship (2020)  a non-profit, non-partisan organization that focuses on maintaining freedom at post-secondary institutions in Canada, Christie Blatchford (2019), a well-known Canadian journalist who was introduced by renowned Canadian defence attorney Marie Henein, and Mark Steyn (2018),a well-known Canadian human rights activist whose campaign to restore free speech to Canada led to the repeal by Parliament of the odious “Section 13” restrictions on free expression. All excellent and deserving winners, including Lich … at least from the point of view of people interested in individual freedoms.

    Sadly, you are correct that Canadian rights and freedoms are not absolute … and this has been clearly demonstrated during the pandemic, especially in the response to the Freedom Convoy. In effect, our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, embedded in the Constitution, actually means little. It can, and has been, overridden simply by edict of the government, both federal and provincial, and the courts will acquiesce. Laws, particularly constitutions, should first and foremost, protect people from their governments. That was what the Magna Carta was all about. Unfortunately, the law in Canada seems to be intended to protect the government for the people.

    Lich being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize is no more of a joke than many other nominees. For example Greta Thunberg, Al Gore and even Barack Obama, who the time of his nomination, unlike Lich, had made no contribution to please or freedom.


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