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Yemeni mothers and babies facing ‘unimaginable horror’ – Red Cross

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One mother and six newborn babies die every two hours amid ongoing conflict and deprivation, the agency warned.

Red Cross official Basheer Omar told RT on Saturday that the humanitarian situation in Yemen is one of “unimaginable horror,” with two thirds of the population deprived of basic healthcare. Omar called on the international community not to leave the Yemeni people “alone facing their fate.”

With the armed conflict in Yemen in its eighth year, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) released a report this week stating that around 66% of Yemen’s 30.5 million people lack access to basic healthcare, and those in need of medical attention often risk death to visit the 51% of healthcare facilities still operating in the country.

The crisis has been most acutely felt by women and infants. Less than 50% of births in Yemen are attended by healthcare professionals, and one mother and six newborn babies die every two hours, the report read. Of the estimated 4.2 million people displaced in Yemen since the outbreak of civil war in 2014, 73% are women and children.

“It’s just unimaginable horror,” Omar told RT. “We are doing our best to draw the attention of the international community to the plight of the Yemeni people. We’re saying that the world should not turn a blind eye to what is happening.”

“The Yemeni people should not be left alone facing their fate,” Omar, who authored the ICRC’s report, continued.

Yemen’s civil war pits government forces against Houthi rebels. The government is aided by a Saudi-led military coalition, while Iran backs the Houthis, but has repeatedly denied arming the group. Western governments, among them the US, UK and France, have supported the Saudi coalition with weapons, training and intelligence.

The conflict has been described by the UN as the “world’s worst humanitarian crisis,” and has resulted in the deaths of 377,000 people, more than two-thirds under the age of five, per UN figures at the end of 2021.

The Yemeni conflict is currently in a fragile truce, which was declared in April and extended last month until August.

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Source:RT News

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  1. This is awful, just awful…when is our government going to lead by example and do the right “kind” thing and send food aid and medical aid to countries like this where humans are suffering and have been suffering for years instead of sending all that “lethal aid” to nazi Ukraine where all the 20 plus bio-labs were found to be operating??? We should be thanking Putin for going after them, not sending them weapons, money and weed. For all the commenters that come to this site and bitch about grammar, spelling and such, perhaps they could turn their attention to the misuse of the word, or rather the double-entendre, as wearing a pout and a headscarf isn’t quite enough virtue signalling for two terms.

  2. Jabcinda is an agent. She should sanctioned Saudis many years ago if we beleive her words on sanctioning Russia and supporting the neonazi corrupt Ukranian regime.

    Zelensky is asking $750 billion dollars, and jabcinda will contribute substantially more in the future. The whole Ukraine financing is a scam and the “big guy” gets 10%. Election expenses are met laundering some of the money back by the US polticians. They used to have drug lords in south america for this and it has now moved to Ukraine.

    NZ is not a soverign democracy; major decions are not made by us but for us by the Globalists. Jabcinda/Laxon are just agents to implemnet the orders.


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