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Indian tourist fatally attacked in Christchurch over mistaken child abduction

Mewa Singh death news
Skatepark at Linwood Park, Christchurch. Image – Google Maps, StreetView.

The senseless killing of 60-year-old Indian tourist Mewa Singh near a Christchurch skatepark has left his family and the local community in shock.

Singh, who was visiting his son and grandson, was fatally attacked on April 7 last year by a 32-year-old father who mistakenly thought Singh was abducting his child. The enraged man delivered a single fatal punch, leaving Singh with inoperable injuries from which he never regained consciousness.

Singh’s son Himanshu Keshwer, expressed his heartbreak and anger over the incident to legacy media, describing his father as a kind and caring individual who would never harm anyone.

The details of the tragic event emerged in court after the attacker pleaded guilty to manslaughter. The incident began when the 32-year-old, who has name suppression, left his son at Linwood Park, only to return and see Singh holding his son’s hand. Misinterpreting the situation, he assaulted Singh, leading to the fatal blow. The attack has deeply affected Singh’s family and shocked the local Sikh community, with leaders urging caution and lamenting the loss of what they believed to be a safe environment in New Zealand.

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  1. A disaster all round,

    Do Kiwis notice wherever childrens play grounds are, Indian men are close by with no women or children?

    Do Kiwis know India has the highest pedophilia rates per capita in the world,

    Is the government bringing pedophiles here delibrately? Remember it’s a UN policy.

  2. My thoughts as well. And more to this odd situation where an Indian tourist was by himself by the skatepark holding a little boy by the hand. Why?
    Now a kiwi father is on a manslaughter charge. The Sikh community need to school their countrymen about acceptable behaviour in New Zealand. Do not touch other people’s children

  3. Exactly! And-
    Study the local laws and customs before visiting any country, and learn beforehand what to do, what to avoid, and be the Gray Man as much as possible so as not to call attention to yourself.

    • That’s why we left Canty and it’s Provincial and Colonial-based mindset where the ‘Betters’ think that they can run roughshod over the ‘unenlightened’ and those not ‘in the know’.
      We moved to North Island…not that it’s any better here, BUT-
      At least the ‘Powers That Be’, the ‘Pillars of Society’ and ‘The Titans’ can’t get their hands on our child like they tried via MoE, MoH, and corrupted psychopathic in-laws and a certain former employer tried to do!
      Those PTB well, a lot of them at the major companies (especially in ‘health care’) book trips regularily to the Philippines, Thailand and Eastern Europe. They have multiple Passports too!
      And based on what some secretaries have found on their boss’s computer, we all know why they go there…!

  4. This is just proof we live in an insane world, with the alphabet mafia and the globalists forcing their agenda on everyone, everywhere all the time it’s not surprising when some ones first thought would be that the guy was a perv. it’s sad for the family but it’s all part of the break down of society as we allow special interest groups to have more power than the majority because the education system, corporations, governments and globalists all push it in the name of DEI.

  5. New Zealand isn’t a nice safe little country, that’s a fiction. Like Australia, New Zealand has a cold mean edge and its not ever, that far from nastiness. Having grown up here, I understand this but many from elsewhere, might not.

    Very sorry about this but as the last poster said, stay away from other people’s kids, even if you intentions are the very best. People can easily misinterpret your motives and some wont stop to ask why…..


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