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Labour promised to tackle gangs 407 days ago, they’ve done nothing – ACT

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“407 days ago Labour announced that they would amend the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act “to introduce new power enabling seizure of assets of those associated with organised crime.”

But we’re yet to see any action,” says ACT’s Justice spokesperson Nicole McKee.

“The new Justice Minister needs to show she’s not going to repeat the inaction of her predecessor and hurry up and introduce a bill allowing Police to seize gang assets.

“ACT gave this Government the opportunity a month ago to pass my member’s bill to freeze and seize assets from gangs upon finding an illegally held firearm at a raid, but Labour voted it down.

“Only a week later the Prime Minister told the AM Show they were working on their own legislation to achieve the same outcome, and the new Police Minister has said that he and the new Justice Minister are “having discussions” and that they’ll “talk about it in the next few weeks.”

“Where is the urgency? New Zealanders are afraid to walk around their own neighbourhoods or put their children down to sleep at night in the front room. We don’t have time for the two Ministers to schedule a chinwag about the issue sometime over the next few weeks.

“If they have been working on this for weeks as the Prime Minister claims, or for over a year as their press release states, then they should have a bill ready to go which could be scrutinised at Select Committee to ensure it achieves the end goal of keeping New Zealanders safer.

“Even better, Labour could have supported my bill a month ago and we could be that much closer to giving the Police real powers to hit gangs where it hurts, their wallets.

“The problem is here now, and it’s only getting worse. It’s about time the Police are given our full support to hit this nail on the head with a mighty big sledgehammer.

“ACT had a solution and the Government chose to ignore it, they can’t ignore the large group of Kiwis who are feeling unsafe in their communities and they need to deliver this legislation.”

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Source:ACT Party

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  1. Legislation to seize gang assets,sounds good and the sheeple will praise it,but in the end it will be expanded to us all.Thats how these parasites operate

  2. Minor party ACT focusses on a minor issue. Major issues such as health & housing are at a crisis point. Inflation is running high after Grand Robber creating $60 billion dollars from thin air and wasting hard earned capital from savers at large. ACT supported mandates and generally happy with wealth being shifted to those already wealthy. Have they got any independent stand other than trying to be capitalist puppets but not chosen by the Global elites? Jacinda & Luxon are the direct agents of NWO, and ACT can only play a Lewinski role in the big scheme of things happening in NZ.

  3. The populations of the gangs now outnumber both the Police and NZDF combined.
    The gangs also have their relatives and people in government, some of whom are in high appointments.
    Gangs run New Zealand; don’t look for this to change anytime soon as they get richer with tangible assets that will increase in value when all of the world’s fiat currencies collapse.
    This is what will happen globally since the 1% elite have hoarded, hogged and stolen economic opportunity in the name of the ‘Great reset’…!

  4. VACCINE MANDATES was your chance, ACT. And you blew it.

    Don’t care how loud you squawk about things now, you won’t be getting my vote. Piss off

  5. Some $370m over four years in operating expenditure and $306m in capital funding was set aside in this year’s Budget for the new Aotearoa New Zealand Public Media.

    Gangs helped with vaccination in Auckland according to Radio NZ reports. So we are going to hear more of such positive stories from the Aotearoa New Zealand Public Media in addition to support for all Jabcinda narrative. Child poverty does not exist in NZ at all; it is all misinformation and disinformation by the far right extremists. Amen.

  6. Gangs were a BIG problem 50 years ago. NOTHING was done. NOTHING will be done. IN fact, gangs will become the ‘government army’ (SS-style) when they come door-to-door for private property – and wives and daughters. 2030 looms and there is a NWO FASCIST AGENDA to be OBEYED – at any cost. NZ has sleep-walked into HELL.


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