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Outrage as Mallard trespasses ex-MPs, blocks random people on Twitter, disables comments

Twitter has erupted with outrage at Speaker of the House Trevor Mallard’s latest Mussolini-style crackdown on fundamental New Zealand rights and freedoms.

Trevor Mallard trespass news


Mallard attracted the ire of Parliament and Convoy NZ 2022 Protesters in February when he turned on the water sprinklers in front of the Beehive in an effort to move them.

READ MORE: What a COCK! – Protesters foil Mallard’s sprinkler ploy

Today, Mallard served trespass notices on former MPs Matt King and Winston Peters. He blocked people on Twitter who have never had any communication with him on that platform.

In announcing the steps he took today, Mallard, an employee of the New Zealand public, also undemocratically disabled comments.

His Tweet read:

‘The Parliamentary Service Commission met today to consider the narrow question of whether former MPs should be exempted from the general policy that resulted in trespass orders being issued to those identified as trespassing during recent protests at parliament.

Only the Act Party supported such an exemption.’

National, Greens and the Maori Party supported the move

Twitter users vented their outrage – WARNING, EXPLICIT LANGUAGE:

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  1. Trevor Mallard has been a low life politician for a long time. Not many will recall the Trademe sale saga happened two decades ago. He sold an intem on Trademe claiming it as working but the buyer found it otherwise. He refused to refund and threatended him instead. He also misbehaved in a motel in Palmerston Noorth and police were called and removed him from the premises. The motel owner barrded him for life. As a barking dog politician, Jabcinda preferred him to put the opposition down. I am not at all surprised about the way he behaves in public.

  2. OK Governor General & Attorney General-


    Do it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mallard has a long history of bullying as recorded in the halls of journalism. This is another beta test of Illuminati Freemasonry to see just how far they can go before people erupt as they did in front of Parliament initially 4 weeks ago!

  3. Trevor Mallard needs to leave parliament, post haste. Who on earth does this immature bullying man think he is to even trespass others, let alone MPs, from parliament. These are OUR New Zealand parliament grounds and buildings not Mallard’s or Labour’s personal fiefdom.

    If Adern doesn’t bowl Mallard and his waddling twaddle out for a duck soon, and ensures he leaves his scarlet robe forever behind him on that speaker’s chair, he will be one of far too many significant contributing factors in Labour’s demise. Please soon.

    Actually, keep Trevor right where he is to continue behaving like the censium paulo asinum and public laughing stock he is. To think I wasted all those years voting for Labour. Never mind all that taxpayer’s money wasted by this government paying, frankly, far too many MPs to become so blind drunk on their temporary insular power they don’t bother practicing even the most basic tenets of human decency or leadership.

    Kudos to all those parliamentarians who did listen and speak to the recent protestors on parliament’s grounds. We will not forget who you are and what you did, whether we agreed with the protestor’s behaviour or not, they deserved to be listened to. Nor will we forget what Mallard did and is still doing.

    Labour you need to get rid of your dangerously loose canon fast, before he entirely wrecks your sinking ship. What was that quote again about loose lips sinking ships?

  4. Is it not an irony Winston faces his karma? We all know he loves racing. He betted on a horse face and lost his mana lol

  5. To compare this clown’s behaviour to that of children, is an assault on the integrity of children everywhere.

  6. Mallard and Ardern are rotten to the core.

    One day, there will be judgement on those who abuse their power or use power to hide what they are doing to this nation, doing to the people of the world. What they are participating in. That is the reason why you have banned Matt and Winston.

    Destroying democracy for your own personal gain.

  7. Mallard is a name of a duck and not a surname. Keith could not have put it better.
    There are other bullies, like the one employing Zelensky, the one who doesn’t like Russians. Then there’s the witch called Hillary. Emanuel is the name for the Messiah. The list goes on.

  8. Mallard has proven himself to be a child. What an embarrassment and a disgrace his behaviour has been. His actions during the protests were reprehensible.

    A speaker needs to be impartial, fair, intelligent, have common sense and have decent morals. None of which the current speaker possesses.

  9. If anyone was in any doubt as to the definition of what a ‘pillick’ is – now you know…..

    He needs to go.


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