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Support for Labour slides – latest Newshub-Reid Research poll

Newshub-Reid Research Poll news

Support for the government is tanking, National steady.

Latest results show a National/ACT bloc could govern comfortably.

According to the latest Newshub-Reid Research Poll released last night, support for Labour has slipped to 32.3%. National is on 40.7%, ACT 10% and the Greens 9.5%.

On these figures, a National/ACT coaltion could score 50.7% of the vote, compared to the left Labour-Greens combined support of 41.8%.

New Zealand First has more than doubled it’s previous score, and is sitting on 3.3%.

Translated into seats, this would see the Right win 65, and the Left 55.

The poll result is the worst for Labour since Jacinda Ardern became leader in 2017.

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  1. Hardly surprising but little to be gained here, either. Still the same mainstream party’s with much the same, globalist perspective.

  2. These polls show why the Local Body elections were so important. They are the first step in changing grass roots thinking about the future of this country with many new councilors being independent and freedom oriented, divorced from the mainstream. It’s a beginning.

    But any thought of Central Government moving from the Left to the Right, by the dumping of Adhern (and rightly so) will have any material affect on the future of New Zealand is at best, unfounded. The players may change but the song will most certainly remain the same.

    The only hope we have is for smaller parties to come together in a coalition block. Without it, nothing will change…

  3. Expect more voter bribes from Ardern. RBNZ rate hikes will be a killer in the coming months before election. So Ardern & Co will be printing more money and spend causing more inflation but who cares. Gamblers ruin mentality will be high on agenda. They are going to be decimated in the next election if they dont up their bets further and take chance. If they loose, they can blame the next government for all the belt tightening and recycle all their “working for poor” type of slogans. The playbook never changes and we see different Chapters read from time to time.

    MSM dogs are salivating for more funding and of course Ardern will have to through some meat at them too.

    • Ardern couldn’t bribe a starving dog with a piece of meat at this stage. She is the most divisive duplicitous Machiavellian prime minister this country has ever had and unfortunately because these politicians are stuck in a bubble in Wellington they have NO idea how hated they are for lying and deceiving the good hard working citizens of this country.

      I am a swing voter but NEVER so long as I live will I EVER give my vote to Labour or National again. Any party acting as puppets for the UN and the WEF is NO friend of democracy or sovereignty.

      I am reluctant to support ACT, Winnie knew all this stuff was going on and said nothing so it’s Democracy NZ for me.

      So New Zealand is the Petri dish for the UN eh? Let’s show the world we can stand up to their sick plans. We are a nation of fighters. We punch above our weight in the world, let’s show them how to get freedoms and rights back by starting small and getting rid of the globalists and their minions one by one. ???????? ????

  4. GBN Mark Dolan meets Winston Peters ( 9 mins 24 secs)
    Loaded approx midday Mon7th Nov 2022 NZ time.
    Former Deputy Prime Minster of New Zealand, Winston Peters, tells Mark Dolan he is certain Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will be thrown out of Government next election.

  5. Has anyone noticed the govt has really stepped up their plans to push through whatever they can before they are dumped in the worst defeat in Labour’s history next year?

    Amazing how they can do all this co governance apartheid and hate stuff but they haven’t fixed housing or poverty or anything else. Just shows they had NO intention of fixing the real problems this country faces.

    Disgusting people. ????????

  6. The media are far too comfortable with Luxon for me to ever trust him.

    They’re recasting the actors, but we’ll still get the same shitty movie at the end of the day.


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