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Saturday, July 2, 2022
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Watch: Voices For Freedom – Hear our Voices, What’s happening in Clutha? Proposed bylaws likely to restrict locals’ waterway access

In this video Tane Webster of Voices For Freedom talks to Brodie Dodds about the Clutha District Council’s proposed bylaws to restrict access to local foreshore areas and waterways.

Brodie highlights the council’s fast-tracked proposal and strategy to circumvent genuine public debate on the issue, which includes deliberately scheduling an important public meeting to clash with local club rugby fixtures on a Saturday.

A Facebook post by Brodie yesterday sets out the issues indepth.

‘The feeling behind it is that they are taking away our rights. So, by limiting access to certain beaches or allowing this bylaw to go in place, it then opens them up to be able to potentially, down the track, continue to limit the access to other access points to the foreshore.’

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  1. Most councils do not work for the ratepayers at all. The basic water supply, roads, sewage costs are often well below a third. Rest of the rates are really not the basics and optional expenses. Highly paid coucil executives and many of low IQ councillors affliated to real estate companies and other local riches mismanage the matters for thie own selfish benefits. Local democracy dies decades ago. Not even a third vote in the council elections. realty, most councils become a tax departments and tools to spread poverty and serve the vested interests. They also started heavily borrowing, selling assests, and become part of the WEF agenda obtaining American S&P ratings on their ability to borrow (credit rating). This approach killed American councils with no investment in infrastructure for decades. We are heading in the same direction of destruction.

    • Perfectly put!
      In addition, when the cash is outlawed and the crypto becomes a global ‘currency’, IF you have low social credit, they will then cut-off your water, electricity and access to food. Your bank accounts will be seized / sanctioned for ‘non-compliance’ for refusing vaccines (bio-weapons), microchip implants, and you will not be able to travel freely!
      This is the shit that awaits us all IF these WEF / IMF / Schwartz, Soros & Gates-types are allowed to progress due to our apathy.
      Good on the nations that refused the WHO’s tyrannical & totalitarian power grab.
      Note; Hellary Klinton tried to do the same via ‘Medical ID Cards’ 20 or so years ago, and that among many other reasons is why she still needs to cast spells, curses and spirit-cook on a regular basis…!


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