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Watch: Massive Dutch farmer protests push back against govt’s ‘absurd’ green policies

Absurd EU regulations forcing the closure of Dutch farms and ranches over nitrogen emission levels has been met with large protests around The Netherlands today.


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  1. These politicians and elites have lost the plot with this climate change garbage (and whatever their TRUE motivations for it are, they have to be stopped by any means necessary). But how the hell have so many intelligent people been duped into believing in it?

    There have been hundreds of millions of birds, rodents, reptiles and mammals on this earth, pissing and shitting into the rivers and oceans since the beginning of time, and the planet’s still here.

    But it’s an EXISTENTIAL threat apparently. So bad that the only way to reverse it is to tax ourselves into poverty, starve half our population, abort our children and convert to communism.

    Good God almighty, how can so many grown human beings be so gullible?

    • @Unquaccinated.
      They are hypnotised.
      Keep trying to wake them up, by telling the truth.
      Pieter and Sabina van Leeuwen

      • When I see Klaus and Bill eating a roach burger with maggot fries and cycling around everywhere then I might start listening, otherwise I am not interested in hypocrites preaching how they think WE should live. We didn’t vote for them so they can naff off with their sick ideas.

        Now we just need enough of us to stand up to these WEF muppets and run them ALL out of town.

  2. Good on the Dutch farmers. We should be doing that here too, just like the parliament protests. Jabcinda can bring out her (mostly) corrupt police force again. The woke sheeple just don’t realize how important farming is to feed the world. We can’t eat pine trees like the farmers are being encouraged to plant here in NZ. Global warming or to be politically correct “climate change” is a crock of shit, just like the “covid” plandemic. It’s all part of the implementation of the New World Order.

    • Exactly, we should cut Wellington off from food supplies. Easy to do with practically one way in. Then we can see how green and self sufficient those public service hypocrites are.

  3. Over half the people alive today would not be if it was not for synthetic nitrogen fertilizers
    This is a quote from a prominent agricultural scientist I believe it first appeared about 1980

  4. Has our mainstream govt paid for media reported on these protests? (I don’t watch Tv anymore so I don’t know)

    I bet not. Those lying puppet sellouts. They have no morals.

    Thanks to the daily telegraph for providing an alternative platform.????

  5. You vill own nothing and you vill be happy.
    You vill live in ze smart cities.
    You vill be injected.
    You vill eat ze bugs.
    Papers please.

  6. An open letter to the WEF.

    Dear Klaus and Satanic Minions,

    I trust you’re all keeping well.

    Regarding your recent megalomaniacal plans for ‘The Great Reset’, ‘4th Industrial Revolution’, climate tinkering, mandatory injections, depopulation, owning nothing, being happy, bug eating etc.

    After careful consideration I feel I must decline your very kind offer of building back better, due to it making no discernible moral, ethical, economic or environmental sense.

    Thank you again for all your hard work on this, and good luck with your future endeavours.

    Yours sincerely,
    A Useless Eater


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