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Watch: Steve Oliver talks to Liz Gunn about shocking experience with ‘rundown health system’

In a video published yesterday on the FreeNZ Odysee channel, Steve Oliver of Oliver MMA talks to Liz Gunn about a recent experience with the New Zealand health system.

When a friend of Oliver’s appeared to be having a heart attack, he took his mate to the hospital. Oliver describes the shocking state of the health system under Labour, which began the moment he called 111 and got an answerphone – twice.

Oliver also gives an update on his ongoing battle with WorkSafe resulting from his refusal to implement vaccine mandates.

Gunn’s video coincides with a recent message shared widely on social media, which described a similar experience to that of Oliver’s friend – it is not clear if the post is referring to Oliver’s friend or not, but DTNZ has decided to reproduce the post in full:

IMPORTANT pleasse share everywehere possible just copy and paste what i have written with the link

From Alanna – please post to FB and share, share, share as I am banned for truth telling.

Heart attack. Young male previously well just jabbed.

Living outside of a small
Northland town.

Phoned 111 twice and both times an answer phone answered.

Phoned whangarei hospital and held the line for 1.5 hours then gave up.

Finally got through to Ambulance which could not take him because only one paramedic was available and needed two.

Finally got to hospital and the a&e was covered in a plastic bubble with all staff in PPE handing out clip boards with covid questionnaires instead of triaging sick patients.

Finally someone came and told this man having a heart attack that the hospital was 150 percent full so they had to send him home.

They told him he would have to see a GP.but the soonest he could get into a GP was six days away so he was sent home.

Hopefully he is alive when he gets to the GP.

This is the fault of our government which :

– has fired so many doctors and nurses and paramedics (who wisely refused the jab) that there are not enough medics to handle the demand

– has caused, via mandates, untold cardiovascular and neurological damage which has led to an overwhelming of an already overburdened hospital system

– has wasted money on rearranging management and dismantling DHBs

– gleefully claims they are giving 60 billion dollars to Maori to provide a new apartheid hospital system for only 16 percent of our nation whilst being unable to make the current system function at even third world capacity.

The black witch has destroyed our health system and the stupidity of her followers plus a dominion voting machine is likely to ensure her a third term.


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  1. They don’t even really need to cheat via the Dominion machines. The WEF controls both parties, National and Labour, so when the sheeple get sick of one leader they will just vote for another WEF and New World Order puppet.

    It’s like a game of WEF tag, “Your turn now! You are it!”

  2. Look at the money being spent by so called govt agencies. It’s public monies so the people overall should benefit. A large part of public expenditure now must be of dubious legal authority.
    Funding a hospital and ambulance service is low priority compared to taking water and land rights back.

  3. Insane, alien times. I’m old e’nuff to remember the last time the world had ‘governments’ that were completely out of the trees. It was when ergot got into the staple food supplies in Europe. It was like LSD – every day, for years. The whole continent went tripping. Heironymus Bosch did some great paintings inspired by the times. Check ’em out. See for yourself. HB was about 500 years before his time – he’d have a field day nowadaze…

    • Very accurate!
      The mould on the black bread of the time sent people tripping in the Lowlands of Holland, & this is what the Flemish Painters put on their canvases.The mould has aspects of LSD in the natural chemical make-up.
      & then there were the mushrooms…
      Bosch, Bruegel, & a handful of Dutch Painters were geniuses in presenting the images that they saw whilst ‘tripping’!
      See the pic of ‘Astroworld’ and the Hieronymous Bosch painting underneath the same. You can find it on-line, and the comparison is amazing!


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