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Open letter to all members of Parliament – The Therapeutic Products Bill

Therapeutic Products Bill
Photo – © Mary Hobbs.

If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry as state as are the souls who live under tyranny.
— President Thomas Jefferson

All members of parliament who initially voted for this Bill are in the ‘hot seat’, for the eyes of the Nation are upon you, as you have taken it upon yourselves to allege you have the power, without a mandate, to vote this Bill into an illegal Law which directly contravenes the New Zealand Bill of Rights. When it comes back from the Select Committee you can either:

a. Make a courageous stand for liberty, and the unalienable rights for all living men, women and children, which includes the freedom to choose our food, our health supplements and our healthcare;


b. Attempt to put another nail in the coffin of liberty, and the unalienable rights of all living men, women and children, and go down in history as having aided tyranny and despotic rule.

Each one of you has a heart, a soul, you are you — the human spirit.

I want to speak to you today, for once the layers of orders and “what you’re supposed to do and be” and all the indoctrination and orders you have been subjected to is peeled away, — deep within your heart, and soul, you know what is right. You also know that as a member of parliament you are obligated to serve in the best interests of all living men, women and children here. Not dictate, but serve.

Therapeutic Products Bill
Photo – © Mary Hobbs.

‘The nine most terrifying words in the English language are; ‘I’m from the Government and I’m here to help.’ — President Ronald Reagan

With respect to this proposed Bill: It is right to have the freedom to choose natural health products, supplements, herbs, food and spices. It is the right of natural health practitioners and healers to be able to help advise without threats of extortionate fines or jail terms. It is right not to have to hang on the decision of an unqualified unnamed bureaucrat in the Ministry of ‘Health’ to dictate how much vitamin C, or what herbal tincture may be given as a remedy, when the truth is he/she wouldn’t have a clue. Setting up a system where all responsibility for ones’ health goes to a Tsar or dictator who will not have the best interests of all living men, women and children at heart, but is little more than a government puppet who answers to off-shore technocratic organisations is the action of a fascist state that seeks to dictate and rule through tyranny to attain ultimate control.

Decisions on health are the unalienable right of living men, women and children.

Look into your hearts. Ask yourself, do you want yourself, your family, your children and your children’s children to be subjected to this type of tyranny?

I expect you to meet your obligations even if that means going against the dictates of your own Party if that is what it takes. Anything less is a betrayal of trust. It is you that will be held responsible if you do not fulfil your obligations to those you purport to represent, for

it is all living men, women and children that come first. Not the Party.

Positive change needs to happen and with this proposed draconian tyrannical Bill, this is your time to stand up strongly and fearlessly meet your obligations.

Be brave. Be courageous. Make your life today count for something good.

You’ll be glad you did.

Thank you.

Below are additional reasons for my opposition and objection to the proposed regulation of food, spices, herbs and natural health products and vitamin and mineral supplements, and the proposed regulations on natural health practitioners.

  1. As a living woman, I object to and oppose natural health products, food, spices, herbs, homeopathic products, traditional medicines, natural remedies, vitamins and minerals and natural supplements, and all similar items, being regulated. I do not consent.
  2. As a living woman, I object to and oppose any muzzling or inhibition of any natural health practitioners and/or medical personnel, and/or any living being, who may wish to communicate health benefits of any food or natural product, or technology or treatment. I do not consent.
  3. I object to the effort to ‘slip this proposed Bill through over the summer holiday and Christmas break when many will not see the proposal in time to respond. That is underhand.
  4. This Bill must be shelved, particularly in view of the current devastation and chaos happening in the North Island at this time when people are fighting for their lives, their homes and their livelihoods. They do not have time to respond to such a draconian piece of legislation.
  5. Food, herbs, natural products and traditional medicines do not belong to the government — they belong to all living men, women and children.
  6. To restrict access to our foods, herbs and traditional medicines, and also the opinions of all natural health practitioners about them, and anyone who cares to speak of success they may have had with them, is a direct attack on liberty and our unalienable rights as living men, women and children..
  7. The government has NO mandate to enact this.
  8. It is unlawful.
  9. The Bill is an overt attempt to privatise and block access to natural remedies that cannot be patented by big pharma. It is made more formidable by threats of long jail terms and/or hefty fines if anyone so much as utters the genuine benefits of these natural products, foods, herb, spices and natural treatments that, unlike almost all pharmaceutical drugs, do not cause harm and/or secondary side effects.
  10. The Bill does not make it clear that there is a vast difference in risk between artificial and novel pharmaceutical drugs which come with serious side effects, compared to natural products. It also fails to mention that pharmaceutical drugs are a substantial cause of harm and death, whereas natural products are not.
    Pharmaceutical drugs are almost always prescribed when doctors are presented with a patient that is ill, as they are not given any significant training about diet, or natural remedies. I know, for many years ago I trained as an NZRN and later specialised in coronary care. I observed this on many occasions, one of which was when a doctor observed a patient had not had a bowel motion for three days and prescribed a drug. I queried that and suggested bran on the breakfast cereal for a few days instead. The doctor looked at me and said, “But I don’t get free golf clubs for prescribing bran on the breakfast cereal.” The drug prescribed came with side effects, including rectal bleeding.
  11. It is also interesting to note that iatrogenic death — ‘death by doctor’/ medical treatment — is one of the top causes of death in the western world. Not a good record. We don’t hear about that much in NZ as, in 2004, the government changed the term from ‘medical misadventure’ to ‘personal injury caused by treatment’, so there is no fault/blame assigned. Very slippery.
  12. All living men, women and children have an unalienable right to access to natural health practitioners, if they choose. I repeat: It is oppressive to threaten them with jail or outrageous fines for helping heal the ill or injured. If their treatments didn’t work they wouldn’t have customers. Why? Because natural healthcare consultations are not covered by the Ministry of Health and people don’t pay for a service that doesn’t work.
  13. The proposed illegal Bill will destroy many small businesses and natural health practitioner businesses and suppliers when they are effectively helping people maintain good health. It is tantamount to government acting as hit-man on any competition to big pharma. Why? Is it because the government want to introduce experimental gene therapy and biotechnology in medicine, and to control all? Given the history of that disastrous experiment over the past three years it should surely be outlawed.
  14. This will introduce restrictions on traditional Maori, Indian, Chinese medicine, and that of our ancestors from all cultures, all of which has demonstrably assisted many people and helped them back to health. It will also severely curtail nutritional supplements that millions of New Zealanders rely upon to maintain good health. I hear that Maori medicine is possibly exempt after they objected. Well, to ensure you’re not labelled as racist it is necessary then to allow ancient herbal remedies from all cultures, including Indian, Chinese and European.
  15. Dr Guy Hatchard reports that, ‘In 2016,The Ministry of Health published a draft list of 5500 approved and all restricted ingredients. . .’ The ‘approved’ list includes 3000 synthetics and chemicals that would make ones’ hair stand on end. Some are reported to potentially cause illness and cancer. All are banned by the FDA in The US. Some are already described as ‘natural’ when they are synthetic, including ‘natural vanilla flavouring’ found in ice-cream. These are likely to be ‘OK’ to use if this ghastly Bill is approved and are apparently permitted to be used here! I urge you to click on the link to read these articles. Think of the future you are potentially condemning every living man, woman and child to — including your loved ones.
  16. You, or any cabal, has no right whatsoever to remove our access to natural remedies, food, spices and herbs. There is NO mandate. It is an overreach most often seen only in fascist or communist countries. It has no place in our country.
  17. Our ancestors fought and died to retain our freedom. What will you do on this Select Committee to help preserve those freedoms?
  18. Be brave. Make your tenure in that place worth something, now and for future generations. Make it count. Defend our freedoms.
  19. This proposed Bill — in regard to therapeutic products and natural healing professionals, such as homeopaths, naturopaths, et. al — defies common-sense and is suppressive, for many millions have found relief to maladies through natural healing, which has reduced the expense of health on government. For example: A living man was recently diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2 and given pharmaceuticals for it that made him ill. After a detailed study he found natural alternatives. He tossed the pills and took the natural alternative and his blood sugar went back to normal levels and remained there. His GP was amazed but, astonishingly, didn’t ask the patient what the supplement was. Why is that? Because there is no payback for prescribing natural products that work? Because there would be fewer patients? And what will this person do if you draconianly approve this Bill that would prohibit him from receiving the natural supplements? There are many like this who have taken responsibility for their health and found a better way. Don’t condemn them to ill-health through allowing this proposed Bill to go through.
  20. When observing the complexity of this proposed Bill, along with the blatant violations of human rights, the only possible conclusion one can make is to consider that the political parties supporting the banning/restricting of natural products such as herbs, spices, nutritional supplements, and even food items, are no longer representing us, but have been corrupted by foreign influence and instead, are intent on total control by removing all competition on behalf of multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical corporations whose greed is unlimited. Yet these corporations are best-known for the billions they have had to pay out for bribery of doctors and fraud.
  21. I repeat, the New Zealand government has no right and NO mandate to reduce or remove access to food items, herbs, spices and nutritional supplements. Just one look at the earlier proposed list that includes, as mentioned, food items like; cinnamon, coconut, tea, almonds and aloe vera plants et.al, tells us that it is over-reaching, oppressive, and has no place here. Dr Guy Hatchard explains it succinctly in some of the highlighted references .
  22. It is your duty to ensure that your advice is to decline and discard the Therapeutic Products Bill. Or, at the very least, please immediately remove from this proposed Bill all foods, herbs, spices, homeopathic remedies, all natural health products and remedies and all vitamin and mineral supplements and remove all restrictions on qualified natural health professionals.
  23. I do not consent to the proposed Therapeutic Products Bill, particularly with respect to restricting certain foods, plants, herbs, spices and ‘natural health products that are traditional and herbal medicines, and vitamin and mineral supplements’ and I do not consent to any of these products being put through such rigorous testing as to make them obsolete as a result of draconian laws and rules and tests. I do not consent to the proposed Bill attempting to inhibit the speech of professional natural healers and the ability to do their job. I do not consent to anyone’s freedom of speech and voiced opinions being inhibited through threat of punishment or for any reason. Neither do millions of others.
  24. Nor do I consent in any way to ‘medicines made from biological components, gene therapies, and advanced cell and tissue therapies; and medical devices that are software, production systems.’ NO government has the right to be interfering with genes or DNA and NO government has any right to be moving into the field of ‘medical software and production systems’, as that opens the door to control of each individual through A.I. and is completely unacceptable, unethical, inhumane and criminal. The potential ramifications of this are like a Pandora’s Box. Government has no right whatsoever to bypass or interfere with the spiritual connection of mind, body and spirit of living men, women and children.

So, what will you decide?

You are at a crossroads, for the decision each of you individual souls make on this crucial issue will affect you and your future forever, for you will always remember the day you stood up and did what was right — or did not.

We will remember, too.

Are you going to do the right thing? Are you going to genuinely represent us by defending our absolute, unalienable right, as living men, women and children, to choose whatever treatment or practitioner we want and to be able to give our opinions freely, or are you going to condemn yourselves and your families and the country to the potential yoke of increasing oppressive control and slavery and commit a crime on this day by advocating for illegal legislation

If you find yourself on the wrong side of history, it just takes one decision and just one step to put yourself on the right side.

Find your Brave.

Therapeutic Products Bill
Photo – © Mary Hobbs.

The words of Mahatma Gandhi seem appropriate: ‘When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end they always fail — think of it, ALWAYS’.

All words and their definitions are of the hand that wrote this.

By Mary Hobbs

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  1. Thank you Mary. This should never have been in the sights of government, now or in the future. One needs to ask the question, why are the government overreaching into natural remedies? I don’t believe for one minute that it’s anything other than control and to continue to steer this country and it’s citizens to dark places with global influence and agendas. Our government like many others are on a runaway train with tunnel vision of a nwo and great reset, carefully manipulating and weaving their ideology’s in lockstep with all nations. Having received their scripted directions it appears that somewhere on that script is the removal of natural remedies. So nz government is there an agenda… or isn’t there? Your decision on this bill will tell us, even if you won’t.

    • Thank you for your perceptive comments Wide Awake. Hopefully millions of Kiwis will make an objection to this Bill, remembering not to use the word “submission” as apparently that means the person objecting “submits” to the Bill, which is completely incorrect…

  2. “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” — Benito Mussolini

    I like this quote but unfortunately it can’t be found where he actually said it so it is disputable

    But describes our present day 100 years on from the original Benito Mussolini fascist state. Socialism eh?

    What a fiasco. Blindly lead, how dare they.

    • Thsnk you Mary,

      It is Big Pharma overeach to restrict all medicinal cures in order to patent their own version and sell it back to us. Evil and sinister. How can you own what cultures have been doing for thousands of years. Greedy little fiends.
      Will make my objection.

  3. Mary. I too thank you for this most timely and insightful article. We are living in truly terrifying times. Many of us are awake and aware, but there many who are not equally so. Our politicians seem to move in tandem. Bought and paid for and totally lacking in comprehension of what such a Bill would do to the general health of our nation, However, we are a very small country,I pray that resaon will prevail and many of these MPs have families and relations, not to mention their own health to look after.
    I pray that reason will prevail.

    • Thank you SMA. I hear you! At this stage the best we can do on this is to share this article and some key links that show people how to make an objection in just a few minutes. nzdsos.com has just put up a simple template that will be helpful. I don’t think people realise just how restrictive they plan to make it and it is imperative they do, and put in an objection, and get all they know to do so as well.

  4. Excellent read Mary and I congratulate you! Every New Zealander should see this and take action as they will be effected even if they don’t think they will be. Our current politicians appear to have agreed on too many issues over the past 3 years and I have concern for our democratic process in NZ.. Natural medicine has been a big part of out family for years with great success. I will be objecting to this proposed tyranny.

    • Thanks Rose. Much appreciated. I agree with your comments and great to hear you and your family are planning to make an objection, too.

  5. Great to see this well worded letter is in front of NZ’s (sadly) hijacked members of Parliament. I feel many Kiwi’s will have reasons to object that may not feel confident in putting their points forward. Heartwarming that so many of us are speaking up. Thank you Mary.

    I have lodged my objection

  6. No way will you stop me from using my vitamins and essential oils, as alternative medicine.
    You need to all leave parliament, before we kick you out in October, for such an intrusion in our lives many times, the past 6 years.


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