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Saturday, August 13, 2022
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Jeremy Maluta claims he is @PRGuy17 – Avi Yemini not convinced he’s the real culprit

The ongoing saga of the identity of Twitter user @PRGuy17 has taken another series of twists with the owner of the mysterious account outing himself as Jeremy Maluta.

Avi Yemini, the independent journalist and the man who fought Twitter to have the owner of the account outed is skeptical, however, believing Maluta could be the ‘fall guy’ for someone more powerful. Yemini has claimed the account is linked to the office of Victoria Premier Dan Andrews.

This month Yemini won the right to force Twitter to reveal the identity of PRGuy17, claiming identification was necessary for him to launch defamation proceedings. Consent orders were eventually made, and earlier this week Twitter released its data on the account.

But in a surprise twist today Maluta claimed in media reports that it was his account, before Yemini’s experts had completed their analysis of the Twitter data.

Supporters and opponents of Yemini are both claiming victory with the revelation.


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  1. If Avraham Shalom Yemeni claims he’s been defamed why does he not sue this Maluta? Or is Yemeni really part of the crackdown against internet anonymity.?


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