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Maori leadership in the pandemic? Yeah Right

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Dear Sir,

I am of Maori, Scottish descent and in my 60’s. In August 2021 as the Delta variant lockdowns begun, I decided to get off my fat arse, get fit and lose weight. I joined the gym and over a period of fourteen weeks lost 24 kilo’s and become fit enough to bounce up the stairs at home every morning. In addition to this I looked to balance my bloods with Potassium, Magnesium, and the like. Took vitamin C on a regular basis and a few other bits thrown in for good measure.

In this process I challenged the governments narrative of state care and took personal responsibility for my own health. Like many of us my motivation was my mokopuna tinged with an inherited urge to bare my buttocks to the mandates. Most importantly I used this time to educate myself of the facts surrounding the Covid vaccine. In the context of timeline, I, like most of us, did not have the benefit of the data depth we have today as proof the government has lied through its enormous teeth. Rather I had bits of a puzzle that did not fit the picture the media or its political pimps painted.

As a result, I made a conscious decision to ascertain the facts for myself. If you have weighed the vaccine facts and have decided to vaccinate, then that’s your choice. I chose not to.

Now I come to the sad part. The fear and ignorance of so-called Maori leaders who failed to ask questions of the government as they related to vaccine safety. But rather chose to take government subsidies and KFC vouchers for every one of their whanau and hapu they pushed through the vaccination turnstile. Whose duties did not question vaccine harm, efficacy, or long-term health issues, but instead focused on whether they got an extra potato and gravy with that. Whose advice excluded taking personal responsibility for our statistical poor health by losing weight, getting fitter and breathing free.

But I guess that would make us less dependent on government, right?

Is that leadership? Or did you believe your masters are the sole source of truth. Really? After a 150 years of unrelenting bullshit. That’s almost as absurd as our new educational curriculum.

I must ask a question of you all. The Maori king included. When have we ever accepted politicians tell the truth? Perhaps the vaccine subsidies and promises of Three Waters co-governance blinded us to our first duty as leaders. That being to protect our people from harm. In this respect the vaccine data in from international and local sources is clear. The vaccines cause harm. They can kill. They do lower our immunity to pre-existing diseases like diabetes and cancer. They interrupt the natural God given immunities of our tamariki and mokopuna. And every time you take a booster, you play Russian roulette all over again.

Gambling and drugs aye? The government vaccines have addicted us to both. Even worse, we have become addicted to their lies.

But now the good part. I read with pride the results of a poll taken at the Camp Freedom protests in Wellington recently. Maori made up 30% of those at the protest. That’s twice their population stats. No surprise as the Coalition for Freedom, VFF, and other protest groups are supported heavily by Maori. All of whom associate proudly with their hapu but this for many of us was not about iwi or hapu. It was about personal choice. To choose freedom over fear. And fact over fallacy.

The thing I was most proud of is that we considered our fellow New Zealanders as our whanau. There has been a marked shift in our thinking. Good seeds were sown there.

So, my message to those so-called iwi leaders who presume to speak on our behalf. Don’t. Before you talk go and educate yourself of the facts. Be brave enough to think outside of Jacinda’s insanity. Do not let your cash registers deafen you to balanced debate. And in your rush to co-govern assets that belong to New Zealanders please do not throw both old and young under the bus. Guys its embarrassing.

One final thing. I would be ashamed of you all except for one thing. You do not lead me. I am free to think for myself and free to take responsibility for myself. I am free of your fear and control. I am free.

John Meroiti

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  1. This societies greed and selfishness has been fully exposed. Why would anyone want to profiteer for others loss, injury and death.

    As stated, Maori leaders are there for the people first and foremost. Money, fame, glory are never considerations we should seek as they blind us always from taking care of the only thing that matters. Our whanau.

  2. Embarrassment doesn’t begin to cover it. As the Government and their main stream media puppets twist and turn like a snake to absolve themselves of any wrong doing, these Maori leaders tally up hush money while looking down on us from their lofty perches.

    You should all be ashamed.

    • Agree, Callan ashamed is the true and proper sentiment. But not only those Iwi leaders, also the medical profession who backed this insanity.

      • So many players……follow the money.

        From social media influencers to main stream media, from iwi ‘leaders’ to doctors and other ‘professionals’, ‘academics’ to nurses, principals to teachers. Follow the money. Previously highly respected, now having thrown all those they claim to care for under a bus. Anyone who has accepted money (bribes) incentives, bonuses, extra pay to spin a narrative and stayed silent on the truth are all COMPLICIT in this tragedy. Those who have not defended basic human rights are weak and gutless.

        Sadly ethics, integrity, conscience, morals, courage and empathy have been sadly absent. Some people may have never had them in the first place and some may later come to their senses. Some people have just been internationally blind, wilfully ignorant to spare themselves the effort of educating themselves or to escape the fear they allowed themselves to succumb to.

        Whatever way we look at these people we can now understand what a useful idiot is.

  3. Beautiful John.

    I followed a similar path to you and ultimately decided the same, to not risk the vaccine.

    I sat back in horror as I watched people exchange their God given immunity system for a few Pak n Save or KFC vouchers, a UE boom or to go into the draw to win a new TV or IPhone.

    I feel so sad for people who trusted our Government, although I understand why they thought they could. Sadly this is a turning point in our history as a country and we must now demand change. No longer should these supposed ‘public servants’ abuse our tax money and our childrens futures with such arrogance and irresponsible and unaccountable unethical behaviour. We must not allow them to divide us any further.

    We must band together as one to move forward, and the seeds of this future were sown at the protest. One people, united by the same kaupapa.

    • 100% agree. We must unite as one and bring about political change. The system itself must be overhauled. But it must start with labour being purged from our lives. They are the desease

      • Labour is a curse on this country. National agrees with so much they say that we now have Labour red and Labour blue. We’re in the situation we’re in because each of the two has passed the baton to the other in implementing the UN’s agenda. We’re going backwards in education and healthcare as we’re taxed more and more. Look at small Parties next election.

  4. Thank you for speaking up for those ignored or denigrated by their leaders. What a fantastic example you set for your whanau in self responsibility.

    I, too, was proud of the obvious unity at the freedom camp. It was a place where things got done, and what a lot was achieved with the absence of bureaucracy. I’m sure it rankled our politicians full of their own self importance.

    True leadership is desperately needed but sadly lacking wherever one looks. It has all but been outlawed in New Zealand.

  5. Yes we could have treated government incentives as hush money prior to the flood of vaccine harm and death stats that are now available. However, now there is evidence our government has knowingly committed a crime.

    And so that hush money Maori leaders, medical practitioners, and ms media accepted without question…. now becomes blood money.

  6. I never thought I would see the day where maori have relented to the enemy. Sadly to many of them have waved their white flags of surrender, and had their ears tickled with empty promises. Is it because you are weary? Are you to tired to fight anymore? Are you deaf now to the cry’s of your ancestors, who marched for their rights, your rights? Have you heard or seen that the government has changed? How are you justifying the betrayal of your people? LISTEN!!!!! Can you hear the warnings of your ancestors? Can you hear the cry’s of past generations who know the trickery, deception and hollow promises of a wicked government? Does the lying silver tongue of government now speak truth? There is a generation of Maori within this nation that can’t be bought. These warriors can hear their ancestors cry, they can hear the warnings! These are a generation that will pick up and not put down! These will be the new appointed leaders. These will take the place of existing leaders who have given away their mana, who have lost the right to protest against the government in the future, the ones who are carelessly and recklessly sacrificing their people on an altar built on historic lies and betrayal. These are the ones that will have their bribe money for comfort, the ones to whom their ancestors will now be silent.

  7. Ive watched in horror and disbelief at the Maori been bought,yet again,by government. ..But what of their future if the vaccine affects their fertility ! If those Maori leaders who racked in millions to push and push the vacicine had researched they would of found studies show it ends up in the reproductive organs .I really fear for their future.Maybe that was part of Labours plan?!

  8. So well written John – thank you. It’s a shame people are still brain washed by the government. The more people that can explain how it really is, like you have done – the better. Thank you.

  9. Excellent evidence based article.
    Spare a thought for us honkys our families are divided and Vd injured. Where were the cardiologists when so many were suffering serious cardiac events? Where were the main stream journalists covering serious V injuries? Where is our high court still mandating V even though the V does not protect from getting or transmitting and is killing NZrs?
    No leadership is trusted in our country now. Support the injured and regather our strength.

    • They have all of them conspired to remain silent. They have all of them shut their eyes to seeing the vaccine harm and death.


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