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Counterspin clot shot video with funeral directors and embalmers goes viral

The must-watch video reached over 120k views on the first day.

On Sunday Counterspin hosted a two hour interview with John O’Looney, Richard Hirschman and Brenton Faithfull.

O’Looney is a UK funeral director. He was one of the first in the industry to speak out on what he witnessed during the ‘pandemic’ in the UK in a video with Australian freedom activitist Max Igan last year.

Richard Hirschman is a US-based embalmer whose videos on blood clot removals from cadavers of the vaccinated have shocked the world.

Brenton Faithfull is an Auckland funeral director and embalmer who has bravely spoken out on what he is witnessing in his practice, claiming that 95% of deaths are people who have been vaccinated within two weeks.

The three were brought together in a world-first interview by Counterspin where they detail their shocking first-hand experiences during the COVID crisis and mRNA roll-outs.

Visit the Counterspin Banned.Video channel for more independent content.

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  1. How long is this charade going to go on?
    Everybody seems to have gotten it except these clowns in the Govt
    All implicated in collusion and complicit if not through tacitness
    Crisis actors
    Damage control in perpetual motion

  2. At the very begining of the scamdemic, in late 2019, there wasn’t much censorship, Professor francis Boyle, was the first person sounding an alarm on what was happening and how the US Government was behind all the Gain of function and Bioweapon R&D, Delores Cahill PhD-microbiology, expert to several EU Governments, specialist in Biolabs and Pathology testing came out with the warnings on the dangers of Engineered pandemics and weaponized vaccines, delores started the Freedom movement with the Freedom doctors alliance, the Irish freedom party etc. Michael Yeadon came in with dire warnings on the potential lethality of the Vaccines, Yeadon was Cheif scientific Officer at Pfizer as wellas being VP to Pfizer for 12 years before going out on his own. Later Dr Robert Malone came out as the inventor of mRNA vaccines in 1987 (10 years before the SARS Gain of Function began). Malone clashed with Fauci, limiting his access to funding through NIH, CDC, etc, which meant Malone relied on the Defense Department for funding. The DOD realised the potential mRNA vaccines had as “Bioweapons” DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) became the major driving force behind mRNA vaccines. DARPA called mRNA vaccines: “Population Manipulation and Species extinction Technologies”! (aka; new generation Bioweapons) The US Government funded the NIH, CDC, DOD, DARPA, funded the SARS- Gain of function (which was the Cover for the vax Bioweapon roll out). The US Govt directly and through DARPA funded Moderna (the rebranded “Modern RNA” a failed Biotech that never produced a product, the US Govt gave Moderna $1.25 Billion in Grants, before giving Moderna a $1.5 Billion contract for the mRNA C-19 vax. The timeline and participants shows that this Scamdemic has been a US Govt inspired operation, the CIA works closely with DARPA, the CIA has several executives in WHO, Bill Gates met with Pentagon officials, to propose this scamdemic, Gates became the largest funder of the WHO, after Trump cut direct funding to the WHO ( channeling that money to the gates foundation-giving the US Government control over Both Gates and the WHO). the WHO had been set up to take control of 192-4 countries through IHR’s in 2005, these IHR’s are why the WHO was directing countries to lock-down, and mandate Jabs, etc, these voluntary rgulations are being weaponized at this moment. Biden proposed making IHR’s an International Treaty to allow the WHO to isolate and lockdown countries on Suspicion of an outbreak, (aka a BS news release of an outbreak). This will make the C-19 Lockdowns look like a sunday school program, forced Vaccines are on the way with either Police, military or UN troops as the administrators of those vaxes. The US has some 120 Bioweapons facilities around the world and has been working on creating new generation Bioweapons since PNAC called for new Generation weapons, in their Rebuilding America’s defenses paper calling for new generation weapons, including Bioweapons, in 2000 and to speed up acceptance of these unpopular weapons, they called for a Catastrophic and catalyzing event, like a New Pearl Harbor, which occurred on September 11 2001. (coincidence?). Dr Ardis, has undertaken studies that show the Vax spike proteins are based on snake venom, which aligns with the Bivalent properties, that is these spike proteins effect both the blood and Nerves. There is a huge amount of information on the scamdemic, it’s just harder to access: for newbies I’d suggest using Bitchute, Odyssey, Rumble, Telegram and any other uncensored sites.


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