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Government prepares legislation for a ‘mass immigration event’

Immigration news
FILE PHOTO. Camp housing Syrian refugees on the outskirts of Athens, Greece.

The Government has strengthened settings for managing a mass arrival, with the passing of the Immigration (Mass Arrivals) Amendment Bill today.

“While we haven’t experienced a mass arrival event in New Zealand, it is an ongoing possibility which would have a significant impact on our immigration and court systems,” Immigration Minister Erica Stanford says.

“This Bill ensures we are better equipped to manage a mass arrival event, uphold the human rights of asylum seekers and protect the resilience of our critical courts and immigration infrastructure.

“Previously judges had just 96 hours to decide on warrants of commitment, which enable the detention of migrants to process applications. This did not allow enough time for the migrant to gain legal representation. We have provided more time for this decision, upholding the right to natural justice while protecting New Zealanders’ safety and security.

“The legislation makes it clear a member of a mass arrival group cannot be detained in a prison or police station prior to a warrant of commitment being issued. It also provides that, in seeking a group warrant of commitment, an Immigration Officer must explain why the proposed detention is needed, and how it is the least restrictive and for the shortest time necessary to achieve its aims.

“Further, the application must outline how the location of detention meets our obligations under the Bill of Rights Act 1990, as well as the 1951 Refugee Convention and our other international obligations, such as the UNHCR 2012 Guidelines on Detention.

“During the consultation process it was clear a number of submitters mistakenly believed the changes would enable New Zealand to breach our international obligations or the human rights of those involved. This was never the case.

“However, to provide certainty, this Bill puts in place explicit safeguards on how human rights will be upheld.

“The Bill closes the gaps identified in a 2019 review of the mass arrivals provisions of the Immigration Act 2009, ensuring we are prepared to respond to a potential mass arrival in a safe and secure way, and in a manner which preserves the human rights of vulnerable migrants.”

Summary of the changes – Immigration (Mass Arrivals) Amendment Bill

When Parliament passed the Immigration Amendment Act in 2013, it established a definition of a ‘mass arrival group’ and allowed for group ‘warrants of commitment’ to support the management of people arriving in a mass arrival. The amendment bill passed today will:

  • give the Courts more time to consider applications for mass arrival ‘warrants of commitment’ and extend the time a person can be detained without a warrant so they can obtain adequate legal representation for the application process;
  • make it clear that members of an irregular maritime arrival group need to apply for the relevant visa and for entry permission, and if they do not, they are to be treated as though they have applied; and
  • remove any possibility that members of an irregular maritime arrival group hold a visa on arrival.

New safeguards added while the Bill was before the House:

  • establish that, prior to a warrant of commitment being issued, a member of a mass arrival group may be detained in premises approved by the Chief Executive (under Section 330 of the Act), except in prison or a police station
  • require an Immigration Officer to establish, in making an application for a Group Warrant of Commitment: why the proposed detention is necessary; that the detention sought is for the least amount of time and is the least restrictive necessary to achieve the outcomes of detention; how the proposed detention meets the Government’s obligations under the Bill of Rights Act; and how the proposed detention meets New Zealand’s obligations under the 1951 Refugee Convention and our other international obligations;
  • require an Immigration Officer to report to the court weekly (unless varied by a judge) during a period of warrantless detention of a mass arrival group; and
  • allow a Judge to order that the location specified in an application for a Group Warrant of Commitment be varied on his or her own motion, or upon application by a party.

Image credit: Julie Ricard

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  1. It’s called the Kalergi Plan.

    Destruction of the all democracies and national sovereignty in preparation for the One World Government.

    New Zealand will like Ireland soon.

    Buckle up.

    And by the way did you know our treasonous politicians just submitted with France and Kenya a new amendment to the International Health Regulations?

    “The IHR are an instrument of international law that is legally-binding on 196 countries, including the 194 WHO Member States. The IHR grew out of the response to deadly epidemics that once overran Europe. They create rights and obligations for countries, including the requirement to report public health events.”

    So much for Winnie and Luxon looking out for Kiwis, lol

  2. Enjoy what’s left of Auckland while you can. They’re not penning this shiny new “mass migration” bill just for fun.

    We’ll be the UK part 2; up to our eyeballs in grooming gangs, train car assaults, rape statistics and no-go zones before you know it. And the policies WONT be repealed, no matter how unpopular they are or how much violent crime there is or who is voted into power etc. And if you DARE criticise any of it, you’ll be threatened and harassed by police and/or jailed. Just shut up, keep paying your taxes and smile while civilisation crumbles around you, along with your children’s future 😊👍

    Our “CoNSeRvAtiVE” government are about as conservative as the rest of their backstabbing brethren overseas. Complete and utter traitors, may all the money end up cursing them.

  3. Eventually those who are trying to prepare our demise will be met with extreme violence and count me in. There seems to be no other way.

  4. The plan to destroy what is left of Christian culture in the West is well underway. NZ has turned its back on God, and He says, if you don’t want me to rule you, then see how you like Satan ruling over you.

  5. Where are these mass immigrants travelling from?
    Rubber dinghys ain’t gonna cut it like the med, or, English channel. So, surely the only mass immigrant arrival will be ones allowed to in big boats, boats that could be turned around by the Navy

    • It’ll be the navy BRINGING them in.

      As in other western countries, police and armed forces serve their masters, NOT the country.

    • Exactly my thought! What do THEY not tell us about “mass immigration events”?
      Does the New Zealand public need to mass-protest to wake up the psychopaths in the beehive?
      Do wee need the horrible reality of a Europe in tatters before we wake up?
      It could be so easy, being an island. But no, WEF scum is hijacking Godzone!

  6. luxon is just as wef as jabcinda was. We knew this before the election yet he still got in proving that elections in this country are rigged and have been for a long time.

  7. A “safe and effective” policy to destroy our nation.
    Criminal treasonous agents foistering satanic cult agenda.
    Utter filth.
    No my government. Not my leaders.

  8. First came the Covid vaccine to kill off the Kiwi populations, and then comes the Third World replacements who will service the Zionist 1% J3w$ who run to their bolt-holes here in NZ when World War Three with Russia and China goes full-hot on the Geiger Counters!
    The Kalergi Plan and Great Replacements are well underway!

  9. “…uphold the human rights of asylum seekers and protect the resilience of our critical courts and immigration infrastructure….” OUR citizen’s rights were violated during covid, and nobody currently in the waspnest gave a damn. Obligations under the Bill of Rights Act 1990 were simply ignored and NOT ONE OF THE JUSTICE FRATERNITY spoke for the peoople.
    I despise the NZ ‘justice’ system.

  10. This is typical polit-speak convolution of issues that should be made easy to understand.
    Can anybody explain?
    Are we talking about migrants, asylum seekers, immigrants, or displaced people?
    What right does an asylum seeker need beyond basic human rights and the right to seek asylum?
    If it is “immigration”, well, immigration has laws as old as NZ, with clear numbers and criteria to immigrate. And IMO one has to be OUTSIDE NZ to apply for immigration.
    Why does government talk about “mass immigration events” and what are those?
    Please DTNZ, refrain from (re-)publishing articles without background details. We need clarification!

  11. Unlike the UK, Europe or that place we used to call USA, it can be awkward if not deadly to get here by boat even on a nice day. It would take quite a while too. I welcome a gradual amount of Weston countries with education and skills but never the incompatible fighting aged men or extremists. But if you want to bring in those unwanted guys, bring it on! I hope the wrath of the people will assert their vengeance on the decision makers. And why I said used to be called USA? It now seems some states are not so united any more.

  12. Um just a thought but as an island nation how do we have a “mass immigration event” unless it is assisted? Migrants can’t just walk across the boarder.

  13. And…what a squeamish budget announced today!
    In any other time with the involvement with the Reserve Bankster Systems in place, they would start printing money top cover all of the costs that the yanked programs which have been cut!
    How much of that budget is slated for the above ‘Mass Migration Event’???
    Also went grocery shopping today- prices on some items (those that are left on the otherwise vacant shelves) are double what they were 16 months ago.
    No price capping, no price freezes, typical of the politicians choosing to look the other way.
    Maori should not worry, because IF a revolution / Civil War starts here as it will in the U.S., the U.K. and Europe, the Pakeha will be right beside you supporting the Maori efforts, as they are suffering just as much if not more in many instances!
    World War Three is well underway, starting with localised Civil Wars first and foremost!
    Vote for the NZ Loyal Party in the next (s)election!

      • You must be a government troll policing and monitoring the commentaries with snippits of dissuading information designed to keep people here in NZ so that the tax and rates revenue can continues to pour in to government coffers…!
        Despite the fact that the Chinese have taken over most of the Asia Pacific regions AND the Caribbean Basin, at least the weather is better and the banking more private…at least for now.
        No doubt, you will fully support the monetary transition during the Great Reset from cash and currency to CBDCs, and have you already purchased your over-priced human dog kennel of 60 square Metres that complies with the :15 Minute City rules?
        Remember: so that you may monitor others and report on them for UBI payments, be sure to live near a cell tower…!

    • Is this why the NZ Passports are taking so long to process? (From 2 weeks to 12 weeks???)
      The DIA stated that it had to do with glitches in the new ‘system’; I think that it’s a testing ground for AI which will decide via Social Credit who will get a NZ Passport and who won’t!
      This ‘Coalition’ Government doesn’t want the taxpayers / ratepayers leaving the country, so the NZ Passport applications are being deliberately slowed, or returned for ‘errors’ that would otherwise be corrected with a phone call or e-mail…!
      10 years ago our family applied for NZ Passport renewals, only to find the DIA employees doing stalling tactics, and I suspected that it was because my husband is from another unpopular country, despite living in NZ for 18 years and has been a NZ Citizen for 13 years at the time of the renewals.
      It was only after we contacted the office of MP Peter Dunne’s office that did we get our legal, lawful and entitled NZ Passports issued.
      People are looking to leave New Zealand for many reasons, but with the world so screwed-up on many fronts, I don’t know where they will all be going to…


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