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‘New Zealand, it’s time to say no to their bulls**t’ – Hutch of NZ Freedom Mini calls on kiwis to make a stand

New Zealand Freedom Mini news

If you have been following the New Zealand freedom movement, chances are you will have seen the distinctive yellow mini.

It was present at the Parliament Protest in Wellington, and, according to its owner Hutch, has travelled more than 12,000 miles up and down the country over the past few months.

In that time Hutch has met many hundreds of New Zealanders, and learnt many of their stories.

Speaking to nurses while in hospital visiting a friend who’d just had a stroke, Hutch says the nurses were rushed off their feet, and desperately needed their unvaccinated colleagues to come back. He was told by one nurse that ‘wards are full of people with COVID or the flu, and most of them are boosted.’

‘I have seen 100s, and 100s, and 100s of people in this beautiful country that are all affected by this jab, and there’s no one helping them with it. They speak up and tell what’s happened, and they’re told they’re ‘anti-jabbers”, he said, adding that doctors and hospitals are dismissing their concerns.

Hutch has also spoken to a number of police officers during his travels, and ‘a lot of police are not interested in taking a third jab.’ But they have no choice, as they need their income.

‘The children affected by this – it really gets me,’ he said.

3 Waters

Mandates and jabs are not the only threats to New Zealand, says Hutch. The government’s proposed 3 Waters programme was also an issue kiwis needed to make a stand on. He described how the proposal would mean folks who use rain water tanks will be charged money by the government, and will be legally required to treat their stored rain water with chemicals.

Making a stand

Hutch is calling on New Zealanders to make a stand, by gathering outside their local police station or courthouse each day. This is a chance for freedom-loving kiwis to meet each other and share their stories in their hometowns. Whether you’re there for an hour, or just ten minutes, it doesn’t matter. Hutch will begin the protest on 1 August at 3pm.

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  1. Good on him. I will consider doing this myself once I free myself up a bit more from work and family commitments over the next few months.

    Another good idea is to tell people about STOPWORLDCONTROL.COM

    It’s a really good site to help wake people up.

  2. Jabcinda is implementing what her Masters are doing in California. Water, being essential for life, is a weapon of control. More powerful than food being used as a weapon. Dutch farmers use little water (for example just 4 litre for a kg of tomato as against up tpo 200 litres in other countries) and yet they use Nitrogen limits to control the farmers and buy up their land. It is only a matter of time farmers can no longer make any profit and our land will be gobbled up by the Global elites. Jabcinda and Laxon are just agents.

  3. Keep glued to DT folk because I am convinced a sea change is coming!
    I think three waters is the Govts way of getting an asset that they use as collateral to pay Pfizer when Grant Robertson runs out of money

    • Jabcinda also mortgaged NZ to Big Tech. Almost all of the data are stored on Amazon servers while CIA conduit Cloudfare provides the transfer to the deep state. Similar to Pfizer jab being “safe and effective”, the government claims our data is “safe and secure”. All the sheeples using Facebook, Instagram, TikTok etc serve the other Global merchants. The reason why NZ prices are very high is due to the excessive “levy” paid to them.

      Core Logic is largely controlled by globalists and our housing market is manipulated beyond logic and reason with the MSM constantly creating contests on renovations, excessive import of low quality immigrants, and quantitative easing and lending with very low margins for a long period of time. Big Tech also played its role here. NZ economy has sold itself to this unproductive gamble which when collpases will let BlackRock to control most assets. They are controlling through the Banks at the momemnt but it will chnage when a collapse happens. If the market doesnt collapse, Banks still control on behalf of Globalists.

      NZ is NOT a soveriegn national. It is just a colony to globalists and agents like Jabcinda/Laxon take care of their interests.

    • Yes this govt has bankrupted this country over a vaccine that doesn’t work – let that sink in – DOESNT WORK. In fact, it is now very obvious that the vaccine has caused MORE sickness. Furthermore, all the other parties in parliament have sat back and let it happen so they are complicit. All 120 MPS ARE COMPLICIT. We annoy vote for a single one of them.

      This govt have hidden the contracts, caused record inflation and now are stealing our assets by passing laws NO ONE voted for. Furthermore, this govt have ignored people who were injured by their fake vaccine. Could they be any more disgusting?


        • You cannot. And you should not. The sheeple make their own bed and then they are forced to lie in it.
          Their sickness is terminal.
          Get ready to support others like yourself when the time comes.

          The law is already being weaponiosed, Graham Philip is an example.

          • Yes people should be very concerned about what has happened to him. Why is he being held in prison? They won’t even tell us what he has done. It reminds me of Julian Assange, being imprisoned for what? Telling the truth?

            It’s disgusting and all those who are complicit in this, the police, the law, the politicians, the media are traitors to their own people.

      • Yes, the can be more disgusting. The more they “get away with” the more disgusting they get.

        IF we are allowed the next election, all the unjabbed and their supporters need to vote as a bloc for a party that stands for redress of wrongs and justice.

        • One thing that does comfort me about the whole thing is that when someone sells their soul to the devil, as those currently running our country have, they aren’t sleeping well or keeping good health. I know this sounds nutty but they are actually possessed.

          Look at proverbs 20:22.

          Their time will come.

          And yes I agree regarding the vote, our family are supporting Matt Kings Democracy NZ Or people need to vote for anyone in the block of Freedom Coalition people. Get away from mainstream parties. Even David Seymour supported the mandates, the vaccines. Apparently he called a dairy farmer from Southland, Jaspreet (a very informed articulate lady) something like an “informed nutter” or something to that effect when she asked him about the UN at one of his ‘freedom of speech’ talks. So that should tell you all you need to know about him. I also have real problems with people who are not family people who don’t have their own children as they tend to only think about themselves and not younger New Zealanders.

          The other thing about voting is do NOT do mail in votes. Do it on the day so they are counted by scrutinised local staff.

  4. Yes, I gather there is a real big borrowing programme planned using the (they hope/need) newly acquired water asset as security. Our ratepayer paid and in many cases, upgraded assets.

  5. “Hutch has also spoken to a number of police officers during his travels, and ‘a lot of police are not interested in taking a third jab.’ But they have no choice, as they need their income.”

    Forget about police – they are robots. Useful but replaceable robots. No shortage of robots out there. They’d rather risk their lives with an unknown genetic substance than lose a paycheck. Wonder how they’ll feel three short years from now.

    • Correct. They have proven that they will enforce laws that contradict the human rights Act and the Nuremberg Code 1947. Thei master is nothing more than Ardern;s willing poodle. They have proved themselves as criminal in my view just as the Ukrainians who shoved Jews and others into the pit at Babi Yar, Treblinka, Auschwitz et al.

      When this is over, a complete disbandment of the Police in favour of a force that understands what the LAW, human Rights and NC1947 really mean needs to replace them. Oh, and one that fights crime and isn’t politicised to boot. The same goes for the Justice systems, we now have people being imprisoned for political reasons in NZ. Read up on Graham Philip.


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