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US military whistleblower reveals alarming weather modification practices

Kristen Meghan news

Kristen Meghan, a former US Air Force veteran with nine years of experience in bio-environmental engineering, has come forward with startling revelations about the US military’s weather modification practices.

Meghan’s whistleblowing highlights the ongoing use of stratospheric aerosol injection, a technique now openly admitted by authorities under the guise of ‘combating climate change.’

“It’s very real, it’s now openly admitted. There are multiple forms of weather modification. I specifically found the one of stratospheric aerosol injection,” Meghan said in a recent interview.

She said that while these practices are presented as climate change mitigation research, the real concern is “man-made climate engineering, also known as geo-engineering.”

Meghan disclosed that dangerous chemicals such as sulphates, barium, and strontium are being pumped into the atmosphere in large quantities.

“The quantities I saw them coming in, the form that they were coming in, it’s the same type of materials I was trying to engineer out of the workplace to substitute with safer materials,” she explained.

Additionally, aluminium is being used, which, according to Meghan, is contaminating food and soil. These “toxicants” pose a significant health risk as they cannot be easily filtered out. While some states have begun to ban these practices, Meghan urged that more public awareness is crucial: “People really need to wake up to it.”

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  1. I was reporting to council pollution line, about chemical dumping every time the chemtrail plane left it’s mark from one horizon to the other.
    They became guiltily angry..

    Every time i see the dump
    I see the radar
    I see the extreme weather.
    Over and over and over.

    I see the milky filtered sun and the whiteblue sky.

    I hear the parrots chant contrail as trained

    I see the zionist deathcult deceptobot army “debunking” the foil hatters.


  2. Another ‘Conspiracy Theory’ that is now another ‘CONSPIRACY FACT!
    And the in-ground mushrooms have Lizard DNA nowadays via fertilisers…!
    Speaking of ‘fertilisation’, note the short time span now of lowered egg production and fertility in women, and the 70% drop in sperm count in men…
    Eradication is well underway due to EMF, Vaxxes, Chem Trails, and weaponised food ingredients.
    The Deagel Forecast is right on time…!


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