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Zelensky and team stole at least $400 million of US aid – Seymour Hersh

Ukraine corruption news

Corruption in Ukraine may be on par with what was seen in Afghanistan, the investigative journalist claimed.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and his senior officials are skimming American taxpayer dollars by the hundreds of millions, investigative journalist Seymour Hersh claimed on Wednesday. The alleged grift even includes schemes involving trade with Russia itself.

Zelensky and his entourage embezzled at least $400 million from US funds meant for diesel procurement last year, Hersh claimed in a new article on Substack, citing a CIA estimate.

Kiev has allegedly been buying diesel fuel, which is essential for the war effort, from Russia itself – and in the process skimming large sums of US funds earmarked for diesel payments.

Reports had earlier surfaced about how oil products originating in Russia had made their way to Ukraine through Bulgaria and Latvia. The scheme involving the Baltic state, which was reported in detail by the Latvian television program Neka Personiga, may have violated the EU’s anti-Russian sanctions.

An expert cited by Hersh compared the level of corruption in Ukrainian procurement to what was seen in Afghanistan, when a US-backed government was in charge in Kabul. According to his sources, ministries in Kiev compete to set up front firms in order to export weapons and ammunition, with the relevant officials profiting from kickbacks. The US government, meanwhile, has stated that it has seen no evidence of Western-supplied weapons in Ukraine being diverted elsewhere.

Hersh cited an intelligence source who referred to the January meeting between Zelensky and CIA Director William Burns. The US official allegedly presented a list of 35 generals and ministers known to the CIA to be corrupt. Senior Ukrainian officials also complained that Zelensky “was taking a larger share of the skim money than was going to the generals,” the source explained, comparing the meeting to a scene from a 1950s mob movie.

Hersh contends that the Ukrainian leader’s response was to fire staff from the Cabinet of Ministers, regional administrations, and other parts of the Ukrainian government. Kiev claimed the move was part of its anti-corruption strategy. Defense Minister Aleksey Reznikov, who became mired in a scandal over purchases of overpriced food for troops, was widely expected to be sacked at the time, but he survived the purge.

Hersh’s sources blamed Secretary of State Antony Blinken and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan for the ongoing crisis in the US government, which allegedly suffers from discord between the White House and intelligence community. The two top foreign policy officials have shown “strident ideology and lack of political skill” over the Ukraine conflict, according to the sources.

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Source:RT News

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  1. I wonder if that is only half of the story as I have read the following elsewhere:

    US taxpayer money goes to Ukraine government.
    Ukraine government skims some and “invests” some in FTX.
    FTX contributes some to the US Democrat party via Act Blue.
    Act Blue is a multiway funding mechanism for Democrats, Antifa, Black Lives Matter and other Democrat interests which also allows foreign NGOs to contribute to the Democrats and visa-versa.
    FTX goes bankrupt.

    So, it’s really the US Democrat party laundering taxpayer money using a chain of other entities.

    Look at James O’Keefe recent video showing Act Blue receiving multiple repeating payments (i.e., hundreds of payments) from people who have only made one payment: In other words, Act Blue is using the names of existing contributors in order to hide the source of other contributions.

    • In addition to your opin, there is also the fact that Israel is bilking American Taxpayers out of billions per year. This was confirmed by Rep James Traficant before his untimely death.(see his interview w/ Sustern and Hannity)
      Israel also never repays loans…and kills Americans with impunity…! (USS Liberty, Shireen Abu Akleh, Rachel Corrie, the list goes on…!)
      Zelensky is a Talmudic Zionist who has imposed Noahide Law on the citizens of the Ukraine. Many Ukrainians were already leaving well before Putin invaded, and Putin saw the Khazarian Mafia modus and has vowed that this same group of people in the same Zio-Bolshevik mindset will never, ever take control of Russia again and murder 65 million Orthodox Christian Russians as they did between 1917-1991.
      Overall, these Khazarian Zionist monsters have murdered over 210 million people worldwide!
      The Communist Bolsheviks were funded by J3wi$h Banksters…(see ‘All Wars Are Bankers Wars’ by Mike Rivero, and ‘Shooter’ plus ‘The Black Swan is On The Wing’ by Snordster).
      Zelensky’s closing of Orthodox Churches and his persecution of those particular religious members are tantamount to what the J3wi$h-led Bolsheviks did in 1917.
      Noteworthy is that in D.C., almost all of the Biden Cabinet are J3wi$h, and Victoria Nuland has played a big part in ignoring Europe’s warnings about both Zelensky and the previous Ukrainian President, who was also J3wi$h, with her comment on the phone caught on tape with ‘Fuck the Europeans!” when Europe raised concerns over the Donbass Region that was shelled for 10 years with little or no Mainstream News coverage, (the Ukrainian crimes of genocide, holodomor and murder against ethnic Russians in the Donbass were never made known in the MSM, as the same is controlled by Zionist J3w$, as Solzhenytsyn noted in his writings…).
      ALL of us had better hope and pray that Putin wins this one…many disabled, homeless and destitute American Veterans who have bore the brunt of Zionist Policies under Noahide Law which has replaced the U.S. Constitution are going to Russia and joining-up with the Wagner Group. They know the end results of the Israeli-trained Police States of America, and the damage that such has done to those Veterans due to Biden’s J3wi$h Cabinet and especially, those J3w$ who targeted the Veterans as potential terrorists in their own country.

      • I’m dreaming the Wagner group becoming a world-wide Judge Dredd intervention force, taking out global terrorists.
        And I’m not talking about ISIS 😉

    • The Ukraine was since decades a laundromat for the Military-Industrial-Bankster-Congressional-Complex.
      400 million ? LOL
      It was just ramped up and led into war, to protect THEIR operations and increase the wealth reflux, especially since Afghanistan was too wrecked to be of use anymore.
      War is a business and WE invest YOUR son.

    • J***** population percentage in the U.S.; 5%.
      Total percentage in the current Presidential Cabinet; 78%.
      J***** Victoria Nuland had a special office created just for her that controls the CIA, State Department, DHS, and allows the Mossad into U.S. Government Affairs via AIPAC, the ADL, ACLU and the SPLC.

  2. LOL what absurd nonsense.

    If you have to pepper the entire article with the word “allegedly”, why not make it a fun read instead?

    Write about the dinosaurs “allegedly” inventing Christianity or something.

    Which page are the naked famous person paperazzi telephotos on, I feel like a trip back to the 90’s today

    • ‘Absurd nonsense’ from one of the world’s most decorated journalists, Seymour Hersch? Lol lol leif leif you are a strange fellow


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