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‘The Pures’ by Jack Freestone

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New Zealand author Jack Freestone has released his latest book entititled ‘The Pures’.

The Pures is an ‘optimistic prediction as to what romance might be like for the unjabbed in the future.’

The Pures by Jack Freesone news

Excerpt from The Pures:

I decided to go to a place I knew near my apartment. Just the same as the clinic, there was a sign on the entrance, “UNVACCINATED ONLY! STRICTLY ENFORCED.” It was because of the shedders.

But when I got into the bar, there was no security, or scans. I looked around at the people, all happy and celebrating. The day the scamdemic was finally exposed and over, the celebrations by the unvaccinated had been similar to VE DAY, when World War Two had ended. And for some, the celebrations still continued. My grandparents had been in the VE DAY celebrations.

I noticed there were more women, than men, which made me smile. The new normal was not all that bad, I considered.

I sat at the bar, and after a few glasses of scotch and dry, began to relax. I started talking to a middle-aged blonde. She was not too bad. Her name was Lexi. She looked like she had seen better days. But then, we had all seen better days.

“You are unjabbed right?” she asked, eventually.

“Yep, and you?” I replied.

She went into her purse and pulled out a card. It was an unvaccinated pass. I had heard of them. Amusingly, people called them pink passes, because they could not call them green passes, or rainbow passes, and I supposed pink was the next friendly colour.

Copies of the audiobook are available at audiobooks.com.

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