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Watch: ‘Had enough of this bulls**t’: Claim cops are resigning over Wellington protest

A man tells independent media outlet Counterspin Media that he spoke to a police officer who told him he and nine others had resigned.

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  1. Mallard: We’re going to have them removed. One way.. or another. I’m very deeply concerned that violence could break out at these protests at any minute.

    *Checks watch

    Any minute now…

  2. From a family member on the frontline of the protest: getting on well with the cops. Most don’t want to be there “not what they signed up for”
    Also, yet to be confirmed – three police stations have laid complaints with IPCA against their bosses.
    Also to be confirmed – Jacinda is losing the plot and may be committed to a mental health ward

    • It is easy to talk trash like that Anonymous. Empty words using the established misinformation ploy.-yet to be confirmed – Three police stations have laid complaints with IPCA against their bosses. As for claims about the PM, it sounds like your plucking at straws. My words may not be popular but I value and respect the truth.

  3. It’s not winning if all the coppers with some ethics and courage leave….because that leaves complying sociopaths as the dominant group….they need to cross the line not leave their jobs……

  4. I’m anti mandate, pro freedom.
    But this video is not really worth posting and gives our fight a bad name. The guy claims (could have been lying) he heard it from a guy who claims (could have been lying) to have been a cop who claims (could have been lying) that nine others did the same.

    Whether this is true or not (and I hope it is) this is bad journalism and hearsay at best. Wait till the claims are more substantiated before publishing.

    • It’s true, only inaccuracy is that it was 8 cops that also resigned not 9. Also, the extent of the police rank and file dissatisfaction with what’s happening is far worse than what’s been reported, it’s much bigger than just 8 cops resigning, much bigger, and will no doubt come out in public

  5. The ground they are on is from Ngati Tama.. By MLC have given them indigenous rights and sanctioned the crown and trespassed mallard and his cronies. The police are aware and ain’t stepping in.. This is a Tangata te whenua we are here to stay.. End mandates..

    The parliament will cook up lies and twist, what they see and sling mud to discredit.. They are professional children who name call and bait who they target.. They enjoy pulling down and labelling.. Nothing much has changed from them in a cabinet at the school yard..

    Yet above it all and as resilient as we are came with nothing to build a, village in a week is a miracle.

    You may say 95% are vaccinated that doesn’t mean 95% agree with the mandate..

    You will find we will finish with 1.5million taking this land back finishing with a probably a violent take over a it like Fiji had.. You can’t shift us.. You can’t run.. And the army ain’t stepping in.. We are to big.. The army will join our side..

    This nation is going to see an earthquake unlike she has ever witnessed nor will witness after this.. I hope we don’t see this again..


  6. So a random guy tells you that these police officers resigned but want remain anonymous and that is classed as factual evidence.
    Give us a break random guy.


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