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Peitition calling for resignation of Jacinda Ardern given to Governor-General

More than 60,000 sign, making it one of the more popular petitions on Change.org

An online petition calling for the resignation of Jacinda Ardern has been given to the Governor-General.

The petition, started by concerned citizen Blair Jones attracted 60,785 signatures, making it a popular petition on Change.org, and well in excess of the 35,000 which signed a petition calling for Ardern to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize at the height of her popularity in the Christchurch terror attack aftermath.

Jacinda Ardern petition news

Jones handed over the petition with a covering letter which has been widely shared on social media, and which we reproduce in full below:

To Her Excellency The Right Honourable Dame Cindy Kiro, GNZM, QSO
Governor-General of New Zealand.

I write to you as a concerned and fearful citizen of New Zealand.

As per the supplied signatures and comments from over 60,000 other citizens, I am not the only one who feels concerned and fearful in the current political situation.

I feel our country is being taken down a dangerous path that is slowly eroding every New Zealander’s basic human rights and our way of life.

There are a number of agendas being pushed currently by the Government that directly impact all of us as a nation that we the people don’t even get a chance to vote on, submissions are used as a tick in the box and at times are completely ignored as the Government doesn’t what they intended anyway. That is NOT Democracy! The Government is there to SERVE the people, not the other way around, and It feels more and more like they are manipulating the system to gain more powers to keep us all in check.

We deserve to be involved in EVERYTHING and ANYTHING in our country! Not told that an agenda (He Puapua) was going to be pushed and the reason it wasn’t National Knowledge throughout New Zealand was that the PM didn’t think we would understand….how is this Democracy? How is hiding changes to our systems and country any form of Democracy? And how is the PM a fit and proper person for even trying this approach? What else is she hiding?

Another example of side stepping Democracy is the 3 Waters scam. Where is the Nationwide vote on something that takes away Ratepayers assets and giving it all to the Government, and a small number of wealthy, and soon to be wealthier ‘High Up’ Maori? Sounds and feels more and more like a form of discreet Communism to me, and I didn’t vote for a communist system where our Government can do what it wishes.

You really know thing are bad when New Zealander’s freedoms and freedom of speech are being altered. To have ‘Hate Speech’ laws forced through without voting, or the Government having the ability to tell a reporter of the country the exact implications of infringing these laws is just plain pathetic. An example of this would be me writing this letter to you, the PM catching wind of it, taking offence then having me arrested for hurting her feelings…but is that what these laws entail? Im not sure at all, and more than likely the PM and her Government wouldn’t even be able to tell us.

Currently in our country we are seeing so many things change, and to be honest it is very scary. The biggest thing that is truly scary is where is the line in the sand where our human rights are respected by the Government? To me, that line is moving all the time and becoming consistently abused by a united front of Government faces and the Media, brainwashing New Zealander’s into not thinking for themselves, and letting the Government decide ‘what is best’ for us all. It is very alarming that pretty much the entire media here in our country seem like they are either too scared to call the PM and the Government out on their bad judgement or abuse of powers, or possibly there is kickbacks or incentives (like the promised cash injections for the media) that they are after so all tow the line and provide a completely biased view that is pushed on the country, either way it is alarming and disgusting.

The basics of this petition and letter is that we the people aren’t getting a fair chance to be involved in critical decisions in our country. That responsibility falls heavily on the shoulders of the current PM and her Government. It is their job to listen to the people and serve us! We want open communication and a fair chance to vote on critical changes in our country!

I could go on for hours stipulating all the errors and blatant Human Rights breaches caused by our current PM but feel I would lose my audience and overwhelm you, so I will just keep all of this to the point. There is no accountability or even a shred of honesty with our current PM, so as per the petition and support behind it, we the people, citizens of New Zealand, have no confidence in Jacinda Ardern and the continuation of her role as Prime Minister.

We therefore demand her resignation with immediate effect.

Yours sincerely,
Blair Jones (and the signatories of this petition)

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  1. My Grandfather was in world war 1 and my father in world war 1 and world war 11 fighting for our freedom. I lost two of my three uncles in world war 11 and I would not disgrace my parents or forget what they had given to allow me the life I have chosen to live in New Zealand.
    This way of life that we have come to know as a free people is being taken away and just as my forefathers I would rather die than have it taken away by Jacinda Ardern or any one else for that mater.
    We fight a war not the same as my parents but nevertheless a war.
    The ANZAC fought and many died to give us this way of life and shall not did in vain.


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