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Watch: UK TV medical expert – mRNA jab ‘should never have been rolled-out’

Dr Aseem Malhotra appeared on Fox News’ ‘The Ingraham Angle’ with host Laura Ingraham.

Malhotra, a consultant cardiologist and expert medical TV pundit, was a strong advocate of the mRNA jab at the beginning of the COVID ‘pandemic’ in the UK. However, after conducting his own research and reviewing Pfizer’s raw data, has now become a vocal opponent of them, going as far as to say their use should be stopped immediately.

In the interview with Ingraham, he goes a step further, and says the mRNA vaccine should never have been released for public use in the first place.

A full transcript of the interview is provided below, courtesy of CoronavirusPlushie.

Full transcript

Dr. Aseem Malhotra: Good evening Laura, thank you for having me. So I originally, interestingly, was one of the first people to have two doses of the vaccine, and I even went of Good Morning Britain (Popular UK TV Show) to help tackle vaccine hesitancy. Because although I’ve been very suspicious, as many people have been, about pharmaceutical industry sponsored research for many years and the reliability of it, I never conceived of the possibility that a vaccine could do harm, and certainly not harm to the heart. And then in July of last year, my Father, who was very fit and active and well, and I’d actually carried out some routine heart checks on him a few years earlier, everything was good, he suffered an unexplained sudden cardiac arrest at home. And his post mortem findings at the time didn’t make any sense to me, he had very severe narrowings of the coronary arteries, what we call critical stenosis.

And then several months later, lots of different data started to emerge which essentially, to summarise, suggested that the mRNA vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna for example) likely accelerate coronary heart disease.

So I then decided to do my own critical appraisal of the data and spent several months looking at it myself, speaking to eminent scientists in various universities, Oxford, Stanford, Harvard, experts in immunology, two Pfizer whistle blowers spoke to me as well, and I spoke to two investigative journalists, and then I decided I was going to publish my findings in a medical journal that went through peer review.

And essentially the conclusions are this, that unfortunately this particular vaccine has harms that are unprecedented. The efficacy is actually very, very poor, and I can break that down for you in a second, but what the conclusions are, very clear, overwhelming, unequivocal evidence that these vaccines need to be suspended, pending an enquiry.

Laura Ingraham: Now, a new study, Dr. Malhotra, by folks at Kaiser Permanente, revealed that 1 in 7,000 boys in the US, ages 12 to 15 developed myocarditis after receiving the Pfizer vaccine. Meanwhile the FDA just approved boosters for children as early as age 5 (5 to 11). Is the myocarditis just something that’s a side effect? Every drug has a side effect? Or does that number disturb you?

Dr. Aseem Malhotra: Let me just break it down in more general terms. So, when I looked at this data, what we find in absolute risk of harm, in general, when we’re talking about serious adverse events, so this includes things like myocarditis, but also anything that causes disability, hospitalisation (this includes heart attacks and strokes for example) that is at least 1 in 800. And that data, interestingly, comes from Pfizer’s own trial and Moderna’s own trial. This was published in the Journal of Vaccine a few weeks ago. Eminent scientists were able to re-analyse some of the original trial data. And what they concluded Laura, which is extraordinary, is that in the trial, one was more likely to suffer a serious adverse event from the vaccine than one was to be hospitalised with Covid.

What that suggests is that the original roll-out, what led to the approval by the regulator, that data suggested at the time that it was likely to cause more harm than good in most people. And that’s a smoking gun, that’s more than enough evidence for us to pause and stop the vaccine roll out.

So, myocarditis is one issue. The other good, clear data actually reveals that in people aged between 16 and 39, and Israel data showed this, there was a 25% absolute increase in heart attacks and cardiac arrests which was associated with the vaccine but not associated with Covid. This has now been replicated in Florida, a similar type of finding recently, and that’s why the General Surgeon of Florida has come out and suggested that certainly people in that age group shouldn’t be having the vaccine. But, I’ve looked at that data and I’ve spoken to the researchers in Israel, and in fact this signal of harm is for everybody, even for people over the age of 60. Not to that degree, but it is significant . .

Laura Ingraham: Doctor, let me jump in here, just very quickly. Given what we know thus far, was this vaccine rolled out too quickly, without adequate testing, because of the global pandemic nature of things?

Dr. Aseem Malhotra: I think yes, but I find it very difficult to believe that Pfizer Senior Executives and Pfizer scientists didn’t know, when it was being rolled-out because they have access to the raw data, which we now know shows significant harm. It’s likely they knew this. Which means that, with hindsight, and I’m sure an investigation will reveal this eventually, it probably should never have been rolled-out in the first place.

Laura Ingraham: Wow. If this is the case, this is a global scandal. We’ve been covering this from almost day one. A global scandal. It’s as big as it gets.

Dr. Aseem Malhotra: I think this is perhaps the greatest miscarriage of medical science, attack on democracy, damage to population health, and erosion of trust in medicine that we will witness in our lifetime. And I’m speaking in the British Parliament on Thursday on this, to members of the British Parliament to present this data. They need to act now and stop this from continuing to cause more harm. The longer it goes on, the more damage is going to be done, the longer it’s going to take to regain trust.

Laura Ingraham: Dr. Malhotra, this is just invaluable, we really appreciate your courage and speaking out, and your expertise that was devoted to this subject. A lot of people wouldn’t do this, you did. Thank you very much.

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  1. This man is all over the internet lately. He’s getting much more exposure than any of the original opponents of Mrna injection – all a lot smarter than him – who were there from the start and who are still living in undisclosed places because they feel it still isn’t safe to return to their normal lives. Yet here he is spouting about stuff we have known now for two years and everyone acting as though he has discovered it himself. What gives?
    As for giving a talk to the British Parliament – he won’t be telling them anything they didn’t know from Day 1. They were out and about and having their ‘parties’ while the population was locked up. No fears of contagion for them.
    This man is a poseur. As fake as Covid.
    I don’t trust him. Not one millimetre.

    • I don’t agree with Jayem’s comment at all.
      More power to Doctor Malhotra, he’s sticking his neck out for the health of others.
      It’s good having a cardiologist who was a proponent of the vaccine and now fully realises how detrimental it is.
      Many doctors and medical professionals went along with the ‘safe, necessary and effective’ propaganda because their profession trained them to trust pharmaceutical companies and government edicts – and they often lost their careers if they didn’t toe the line.


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