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5G roll-out in US suspended over aircraft safety fears

Verizon and AT&T halt work on the roll-out of 5G networks as the Federal Aviation Authority warns certain bandwiths will ‘seriously interfere’ with bands used for aircraft safety.

The roll-out is delayed for a month until 5 January 2022 for investigations to take place into the planned C-band frequencies and whether they interfere with cockpit safety equipment, which also uses the C-band.

US 5g roll-out suspended news

Both companies have been forced to tap into the C-band frequencies because competitor T-Mobile already owns a large portion of the mid-band frequencies which does not use C-band.

According to the FAA’s ‘Special Bulletin’ on the looming issue, While acknowledging there had not been any issues of ‘harmful interference’ with 5G in other countries, pilots were warned they must be ‘prepared for the possibility that interference from 5G transmitters and other technology could cause certain safety equipment to malfunction,’ and suggesting that being forced to fix the issues ‘could affect flight operations.’


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  1. 5G & 6G are microwave-based in their frequency spectrum.
    Many of these are now being transmitted from geo-stationary Low Earth Orbit (LEO).
    This is what is creating the so-called ‘record-breaking heat waves’ throughout the globe.
    When you have space-based microwave emitters transmitting directly to the surface of the Earth, this essentially causes the advanced drying-out of moisture in certain loose-celled plants, evaporation of the lakes to accelerate (hence the black balls in many reservoirs, blocking the microwave effect on water molecules and the associated evaporations),
    The fires on the Left Coast of the U.S. 3 years ago had unusual burn characteristics according to a forensic fire investigator.
    That particular investigator studied how microwaves effect structures such as steel, terra-cotta roof tiles, and plants.
    The terra-cotta tiles crumbled at the slightest touch, indicating a microwave effect, as most terra-cotta roof tiles can bear the heat of a normal fire and not have their molecular binding structures disrupted.
    Arthur Firstenberg has a website that details this, as well as an Investment Watch article of “Were Space-Based Microwave Weapons Employed in the California Fires?
    The burn patterns destroyed everything except for certain plants that remained green and hydrated.
    Essentially, since Star Link launched along with a competitor’s satellite network, this microwave destruction has exponentially increased across the face of the Earth.
    & this will be tolerated by the NWO / PTB as it will destroy the food crops, dry-up the lakes and reservoirs, and cause heat damage to the world’s infrastructures, while they charge us a ‘carbon tax’ as they travel about in their private jets known as tax-exempt ‘corporate aircraft’…!

  2. Microwave emitters can and are easier to focus on a runway’s approach path as opposed to a VHF frequency that has been used in the past for the ILS (Instrument Landing System) approach systems in use now at most ICAO Airports.
    The receivers for the ILS Systems are often interlinked with the autopilot and the engineered redundant ‘self-land / auto-land’ systems that are intregrated into the Flight management Systems (FMS).
    Microwave filtration has yet to be perfected, as stray signals from cell phone and microwave dish towers can and do over-ride the projected flight path signals from the ILS emitters.
    As a retired Commercial Pilot, I tend to stay away from ‘fly by wire’ flight control systems, as even these, despite the shielding, can receive stray signals and produce an un-commanded flight control inputs.
    I prefer pushrods, bellcranks, and cables where needed, and hydraulic boost / power packs, and stand-by emergency trim systems in larger aircraft.
    If Fly By Wire gets fried, by either a microwave or EMP burst, and it’s not shielded, then you’re f#@ked!!!
    If you have manual or hydraulic flight control systems, these are independent from most electrical methods.
    IF on a larger aircraft, one can at least deploy the Air Driven Generator (ADG) which pops out from the side of the fuselage, and turns a small wind turbine that supplies limited electrical power thru the Battery Bus AND / OR hydraulic power to the flight controls. BUT;
    If you have FBW, and it’s been fried by a microwave pulse or an EMP, then the ADG won’t help on the electrical side of things- only the hydraulic function will be unhindered from being fried.


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