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Heil Jahitler!

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A meme dipicting Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern with a Hitler moustache has gone viral.

The creator of the meme is unknown, nor is it clear where it first appeared on social media.

The meme contains quotes from both Hitler and Ardern, with the implication that the way Ardern is treating the unvaccinated is the same as the way Hitler treated the Jews.

Heil Jahitler!

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  1. Like it. At least there’s an argument for saying Hitler looked after his people and nation. This crazy hag has an evil agenda and is destroying our country and dividing the people.

  2. Couldn’t agree more with this. It’s really shocking what’s she’s doing, and I voted for her!!! She’s a psychopath that needs to be stopped now!!

  3. Bit extreme but she’s clever though, the law changes have been enforced slowly so each erosion of rights is nearly invisible but over time the cumulative impact is startling. Not sure where the media have gone, cat stuck up a tree while Rome is being intentionally burned is wearing a little thin. It has the feeling of a frog in water that is slowly heated till the frog finally finds itself stewed, or screwed.

  4. What we are seeing today is international bolshevism, *not* national socialism. The latter being the antidote to the undesirable former.

    Lenin or Trotsky would be a better comparison to this Ardern character (tranny?).

    Germany absolutely thrived under Hitler’s reign. I cannot believe that he made the lice comment; that sounds like propaganda to me.

    The Germans had no choice but to expel the jews after “Judea declares war on Germany” (Daily Express headline from 24/3/1933)


  5. This hideous parasite needs to be Stopped. Shes a Ruthless Dictator who is eating New Zealand from the inside out yet has the temerity to shut down anybody who opposes her and her twisted worldview.

  6. As a non-kiwi looking at this meme from over in Europe: it is quite hard to tell from the comment section whether or not there is genuine support for nazi ideology or whether some New Zealanders are actually this antipathic towards a seemingly moderate PM.


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